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Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Our Smart Lockers and Storage & Charging Solutions have supported multiple sectors by enhancing their digital procedures and automating time-consuming manual processes; but how and why are they using them? And can your business benefit too?

Let's take a look at some of the sectors that have chosen LapSafe® and why:


Easily accessible devices have become an essential component for healthcare professionals, whether that be a GP holding an online consultation, a district nurse requiring online access whilst carrying out home visits, or emergency service staff looking for speedy access at the beginning of their shift. It has become paramount that these essential devices are charged and updated ready for frontline action.

Our Smart Lockers store and charge devices in volume, as well as offer an automated drop-off and collection feature for professionals who need to exchange private documents but are unable to cross paths throughout their day. Our solutions have provided this support to many healthcare professionals across the country.

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It has been proven that providing flexible learning with accessible devices can significantly enhance student learning and help bridge the digital divide. To support this approach, institutions are loaning devices to students and automating this process with LapSafe® Smart Lockers.

Our Smart Lockers are also enhancing the student's experience with the drop and collection feature for books and coursework, and the hot locker convenience for secure storage of personal belongings.

We’re proud to be the preferred supplier of Smart Lockers within the education sector; to date over 80% of UK universities are using our Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker, with UK colleges closely following behind.

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Public Sector

Employees in organisations such as the Fire Service, RAF, and Transport Police, spend most of their time with the public. Therefore, rather than having their own dedicated workspace within the office, employees tend to use hot desks and borrow assets instead. Assets can include anything from handheld radios, pocket printers, firearms, tasers, and much more.

This hot desking and asset loaning setup has increased the demand for secure storage and practical asset charging.

By using our solutions these organisations can provide employees with safe storage for assets and personal belongings, whilst ensuring they remain easily accessible. As well as being able to monitor and charge the device's in volume.

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Many large retail businesses now provide shared devices to their employees to assist with customer service. These are used to help with online orders, check stock availability, provide paperless customer questionnaires, and securely sign customers up for newsletter offerings.

Our solutions have supported many large retailers with a more manageable process of storing, charging, and loaning their devices to employees, ensuring their offerings facilitate the modern customer experience.

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Manufacturing and Distribution

Similar to the retail operation, the manufacturing and distribution sector uses devices to purchase and sell stock, monitor stock levels, create and analyse reports, and even provide online health and safety training for employees. To ensure employees can fulfil these duties, ready-to-use devices need to be made accessible.

Our cost-effective storage and charging solutions have helped many of these organisations to manage their devices.

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All these sectors share the same desire, for an easier, more controlled approach to asset loaning, enhanced security for assets and personal belongings, a smarter solution to updating and charging assets in volume, and to be able to save on time, money and space.

Our most advanced Smart Locker, Diplomat™ Pro, also provides a drop-off and collection service, hot locker convenience, and a remote Break/Fix solution for IT services.

So why did they choose LapSafe®?

Do you think your business could benefit from these solutions too?

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