Cost-Effective Solution for 24/7 Item Management
Peripheral Vending

Experience the power of a reliable and cost-effective solution designed to manage and issue physical and virtual items around the clock. With LapSafe® vending, you can deliver business-critical items conveniently and quickly, ensuring your operations never miss a beat.

Combining the power of our equipment vending machine, ONARKEN®, and our intelligent smart lockers gives you a comprehensive and seamless solution that maximises efficiency, simplifies equipment management, and enhances overall operational effectiveness.

Experience the benefits of this integrated solution and unlock new levels of productivity and control within your organisation.

LapSafe Smart Vending Machines
LapSafe ONARKEN Smart Vending
Streamlined Processes and Optimised Workflows
Automates processes, optimise workflows and frees up resources from manual tasks. This increases productivity and efficiency for core business activities.
Real-Time User Authentication and Customised Reporting
Our system provides real-time user authentication by integrating your existing ID card, fob, or biometric systems. It seamlessly works with ONARKEN® and offers customisable reports for essential analysis and management needs.
Comprehensive Transaction Tracking and Reporting
Our system tracks every transaction, providing valuable insights into item usage. Stay informed with comprehensive reports accessible through our cloud software or email delivery.
Effortless Implementation and Dependable Support
Our committed support team makes integrating our vending easy. We'll guide you through the process to ensure a seamless transition and guarantee your satisfaction.
Experience the Future of Item Management
Upgrade your item management with a reliable and affordable solution for 24/7 efficiency. Save time and resources.
Seamless Integration with ONARKEN® Software Platform
Our vending solution integrates with ONARKEN® for efficient and functional equipment management.

Smart Lockers & Vending

All-in-one platform

ONARKEN® offers a range of advanced features that complement our equipment vending machine. Integrating the two systems gives you access to a unified and synchronised environment that streamlines your equipment management processes.

Centralised Management
ONARKEN® software platform provides a centralised hub for managing your equipment inventory, allowing you to oversee and control all equipment allocation, tracking, and maintenance aspects.
Enhanced Reporting and Analytics
Seamlessly access detailed reports and analytics within ONARKEN®. Gain valuable insights into equipment usage patterns, trends, and performance, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimise your operations.
Real-Time Equipment Availability
Instantly check the availability of specific equipment items through ONARKEN®, ensuring efficient planning and allocation of resources.
Simplified Maintenance and Servicing
Receive alerts and notifications within ONARKEN® for scheduled maintenance and servicing of the equipment vending machine. This proactive approach helps ensure that your machine operates smoothly and minimises downtime.
Systems Integration
A key feature of our software, which offers a variety of API options and can seamlessly integrate with company systems and platforms like ServiceNow®, Freshservice®, Active Directory, smarthub, PaperCut, Azure, Paxton and many SIP2 Library Management Systems.
Seamless Integration with ONARKEN® Software Platform
Our vending solution integrates with ONARKEN® for efficient and functional equipment management.

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