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LapSafe® warranties commence on acceptance of your activated registered product. Product activation/registration can be completed by using the form your product pack (normally found inside your product) or by completing the online form found here: Warranty Activation Form

This document is to provide an overview of the terms of the warranties supplied by LapSafe® Self-Service Solutions Limited.


  • Peace of mind
  • Lower operating costs
  • Even greater reliability
  • Better use of your ICT resources

Limited Lifetime, 3 Year, 2 Year & 1 Year Warranties

Our limited life-time, 3-year, 2-year and 1-year warranties includes parts and labour to repair or replace (at our discretion) a product or part that has failed due to a manufacturers fault.

The warranty is based on Return to Base (RTB), and the customer is responsible for the delivery of faulty units to one of our factories.

We will deliver the repaired product back to you (free of charge to UK Mainland locations with ramp and/or lift access) once the repair or replacement has been completed/manufactured.

Where returning a faulty product to our factory is not practicable then we will send an engineer to your site to fix the problem or deliver a replacement unit (whichever has been authorised by our support team). The parts* and labour for the repair/replacement will be covered under the warranty however a call out charge will apply for the engineer visit – this is currently £ 199 + VAT.

There is only one call out fee per case.

Call out charges do not apply for the first 12-months and therefore no charges apply in the first 12-months.

A case is opened when we log your issue and completed when our service sheet/delivery note has been signed by you the customer.

*not all parts can be covered by a life-time warranty due to the nature of the parts, with some having a limited lifespan. Please refer to Excluded Parts below.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Products

  • Mentor™ Range
  • Diplomat™ Range
  • Diplomat™ Self-Service Range
  • ClassBuddy™ Range

Limited 3 Year Warranty Products

  • Traveller™ Range

Limited 2 Year Warranty Products

  • DynamiX™ Range

Limited 1 Year Warranty Products

  • FLEX™ Range

Service Levels

All incoming requests to LapSafe® Support ( or +44 (0)1787 226 165) will be responded to (by telephone, email or fax) within 4 working hours by our support team.

Our team will work with you to resolve your issue in the quickest possible time-frame.

Please refer to your service level agreement if you have one in place.

Dead On Arrival

DoA units must be reported to LapSafe® Support within 10 business days of delivery. Dependent upon the issue reported, LapSafe® will decide to repair or replace the equipment either on-site, back at base or supply components for the customer to self-fit (with telephone support). This will be carried out completely free of charge, including collection, delivery, engineer and parts costs.

Return To Base

If the customer would like us to collect the unit on their behalf our standard charge of £ 225 + VAT would apply for UK Mainland locations with ramp/lift access.

Alternatively an Engineer can visit the customer site for a call out fee of £199 + VAT.

Qualifying repairs will be carried out by LapSafe® free of charge (parts and labour) at a LapSafe® Repair Centre, all non-qualifying repairs will be quoted to the customer, and a purchase order will be required to authorise these repairs.

Exclusion Conditions

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Improper Use
  • Un-authorised modifications or changes to product specification

Excluded Parts

The following parts are limited to a 12-month (1-year) warranty only:

  • TFT/LCD Screens
  • ID Readers
  • LED indicators
  • Locks (mechanical and electrical)
  • Charging leads
  • Network leads
  • Supplied printers
  • Supplied network switches
  • Supplied wireless access points

NB: Keys are not covered by any warranty


Repair or replacement of parts is at the discretion of LapSafe® Self-Service Solutions Limited. If a warranty claim is made and an excluded defect, non-warrantied part or the defect is caused by malicious/improper use then we reserve the right to charge our full standard service call, parts and labour charges.

It is possible to extend the standard warranty, please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team for more information.

Date Issued
5th February 2019