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Our all-in-one Smart Lockers provides endless workflows that offer services such as device deployment, loaning of assets, drop off and collect as well as pre-booking and reservations of IT equipment.

Smart Locker Solutions for Offices

Our offices and workplaces have changed dramatically over the last few years. Hybrid or agile working means that staff now work in multiple places and don’t necessarily own a desk or space. To support agile working availability of devices, equipment and other assets is absolutely key, as well as providing secure storage of personal items.

Our Smart Lockers can provide all those services in one solution! We are the only all-in-one offering where you can support loaning, break fix, drop off and collect, hot (personal) lockers, pre booking and reservations. One platform, one set of lockers!

With full audit trail and asset management it couldn’t be easier to automate your manual systems. Designed to save time and money in the office environment the all-in-one solution allows you to fully manage your Smart Lockers in one easy to use dashboard.

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