Smart Lockers become a hot topic in healthcare

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Smart Lockers for Healthcare Technology

In our previous blog post ‘More & more patients are using Smart Lockers’ we looked at how patients have been benefiting from Smart Lockers within the healthcare sector, which demonstrated a seamless, more practical process.

Here, we look at how these self-service solutions have provided healthcare professionals with more efficiency and flexibility. This also gives you a little insight into how the future of healthcare is looking.

Loaning of Equipment & Devices

The use of technology in healthcare is evolving every year, and having fully charged, accessible devices has become an essential component for healthcare professionals, whether that be a GP holding an online consultation, a district nurse requiring online access whilst carrying out home visits, or emergency service staff looking for speedy access at the beginning of their shift.

LapSafe® Smart Lockers eliminate the time-consuming, manned process, and can securely loan devices to permitted staff 24/7. Each of the devices deployed will be fully charged and can be connected to the network, enabling monitoring and updates to be conducted simultaneously and remotely.

Professionals can now save time by loaning medical equipment within Smart Lockers too; blood pressure machines, heart monitors, glucose monitors, and much more can be secured inside the Smart Lockers ready for patients to use in a self-service style.

The patient will be directed to a designated Smart Locker, enter their unique security code, and the equipment is free to use. Once the patient has finished testing, the device can then be returned to the locker ready for the next patient.

Providing patients with a self-service option allows healthcare professionals to use their valuable time more efficiently on more pressing matters.

Seamless Prescription Dispensing

Finding a more efficient process for dispensing prescriptions has been long overdue. So, it’s no surprise pharmacists have welcomed the Smart Locker solutions to automatically dispense prescriptions.

Pharmacists are now able to gain more control over the process, with an easy drop-off/collect service. This solution means pharmacists can prepare prescriptions ahead of time and leave the medication in a Secure Smart Locker, the patient will then receive a notification with a locker code when their prescription is ready to collect.

This seamless, self-service operation cancels out long queues and wasted journeys for the patients and provides a more manageable service for pharmacists. It’s a safe, quick, and secure solution.

Smart Lockers systems also provide a 24/7 service for hospital pharmacies. As the pharmacy itself has specific opening hours, this can cause a backlog for pharmacists when hospital patients are discharged during closing hours and must return the next day to collect their prescriptions. This simple solution means the medication can be prepared in advance and secured in the Smart Locker.

Safely Store Restrictive Medication

Certain controlled drugs have policies in place to ensure they’re stored away more safely and securely. A Smart Locker provides all the essential requirements to ensure these policies are adhered to; a secure keycode lock means these drugs can only be accessed when the user has been given permission, and permissions can be controlled and granted, through LapSafe®’s cloud-based Smart Locker software, ONARKEN®.

Transfer of paperwork and personal documents.

Due to the fast-paced, busy schedule of a healthcare professional, a simple exchange of paperwork can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming. Paperwork can quickly be left within a secure, intelligent locker, ready for administration to collect and file. On the other hand, the administration team can leave any paperwork the healthcare professional may need in the Smart Locker for them to simply collect at the start of their shift.

This process provides a quicker, more organised system whilst adding extra security to confidential documents.

Thinking of investing?

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