#5 benefits ChargeLite™ brings to businesses

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

At the end of last year, we announced an exciting change for our ClassBuddy™ range. Its evolvement into other sectors inspired a new name, now known as ChargeLite™.

The range remains the same, consisting of three trolley solutions, a desk and wall unit, and a standalone locker: all boasting the same purpose of simultaneously storing, charging, and updating devices in volume.

The range initially focused on supporting education technology and helping to bridge the digital divide. Whilst this continues to be an essential ‘classroom buddy’ across schools and colleges around the country, the range has also seen an increased demand from other sectors using these solutions for business laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets.

Many sectors now loan devices to their employees to provide easy, on-the-go internet access, whether that be a district nurse carrying out home visits, or a retail associate providing online customer support.

Here, we look at the benefits the ChargeLite™ range can bring to businesses:

1. Charge Devices in Volume!

ChargeLite™ allows up to thirty-two devices to be simultaneously charged, with maximum efficiency. The range is conveniently fitted with standard UK 3-pin or Euro sockets, which utilise the device's own cables and AC adaptors.

Charging in volume saves time and enhances the chances of devices being ready to use, which in return increases productivity and improves employees' experience.

Power management also includes overcurrent protection, residual voltage protection, and soft start power management to ensure user and equipment safety.

2. Increase Device Security!

Like all our products, ChargeLite™ is built to withstand the test of time, these robust units are built in a steel construction, with neat cable management. Doors are secured with either a keyed lock, PIN Code lock, or MIFARE® lock to ensure both quality and functionality.

3. Update Devices in Volume!

Each device can be connected to the network which enables updates to be conducted simultaneously and remotely, this saves a significant amount of time and improves device management.

4. Save Vital Space!

Limited space seems to be a recurring problem for workspaces. Rather than having devices laid out across the workplace occupying all the plug sockets, these compact, self-service solutions ensure devices can charge whilst being secured away in a dedicated area. The saved space can then be used more effectively.

5. Reduces Device Replenishment, Saving Money!

Many of our customers have expressed how without a dedicated and secure space, devices would often get damaged or go awol, these units immediately provide a solution for this; the lifespan of devices can increase by being in a safe space and the advantage of being able to manage updates in volume.

In return, this is a huge saving on the budget and supports a more environmentally friendly approach, as less replenishment of devices means less ‘tech waste’ going to landfills.

Thinking of investing?

If you think your workplace can benefit from the ChargeLite™ Solutions and you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team members, then get in touch via our Contact Form.