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Smart Lockers

Our Smart Lockers are the most powerful and advanced self-service Smart Lockers which offer workflows such as loan assets to users, deploy equipment, break/fix, drop-off and collect, and manage hot lockers.

Storage & Charging Solutions

Storage & Charging

Original innovators of the laptop charging trolley. LapSafe® has an extensive range of charging trolleys, desk, wall and lockers to store and charge multiple devices such as laptops, Chromebooks and tablets.

Birmingham City University Smart Lockers
Paul Davis, IT Quality Manager at Birmingham City University

"The students really love the self-service laptop loans and there has been such a high demand for it across the campus, we have grown the service, year on year. Talking to the students, both the anecdotal feedback and the and the impact on our NSS scores have been really positive."

Paul Davis, IT Quality Manager at Birmingham City University

Storage, Charging and Smart Locker Experts

LapSafe® are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Smart Locker solutions. Specialising in providing simple yet comprehensive software workflows for our self-service lockers to be used in any environment. Suitable for drop off and collection, management of IT assets, hot lockers, and automated loaning of equipment.

We provide an incredibly powerful and adaptable locker solution with our built-in electronic systems, connectivity, intelligent charging, and third-party integrations.

What is more, we have an extensive range of storage and charging trolleys and cabinets which provide easy device management for items such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets in volume.

Used Globally in education, manufacturing, workplace, aviation, healthcare, retail and warehousing, ensuring your users have access to what they want and when they need it.

We do not use third-party software to manage our workflows – ONARKEN® is written and managed by LapSafe®.

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Smart Lockers

LapSafe® Smart Lockers - total locker solutions to support your business or educational needs today and in the future

Diplomat™ Pro

Our flagship range of self-service smart lockers gives you all the configurability, power, connectivity, and services you need. An all-in-one solution enabling loaning of equipment, drop off and collection, hot lockers, and break fix. Choose your own colour scheme, two locker widths, four locker sizes, three* terminal types and even an integrated 19” rack* to provide KVM and managed data to connectivity to devices.

Vision panels, bay lighting, choice of ID readers and a slick touch screen interface enable powerful workflows and services, with reservations, prebooking and using our patented SmartLine™ integrated charging device detection means you know exactly where your devices are and who has them.

View the Diplomat™ Pro
LapSafe Self-Service Smart Locker Diplomat Pro


The Sovran™ has been designed to provide the convenience of modern technology in workspaces while enhancing security, utilising space, and supporting staff workflows.

Implemented into the Sovran™ Smart Locker is LapSafe®’s innovative cloud-based management software, ONARKEN®, which boasts 24/7 monitoring and reporting, usage tracking, history access, and alert notifications.

The Sovran® features a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface that allows users to easily access their lockers, providing a user-friendly experience.

View the Sovran™
LapSafe Self-Service Smart Locker Sovran


Sometimes you need to compromise features v’s budget, we understand that, and we developed Consul™ to provide an excellent level of self-service in a slightly smaller size and specification changes so that everyone benefits from a great self-service solution.

Similar too its big brother Diplomat™ Pro, loaning, and hot lockers, is available in the Consul™. A range of colours and a single bay size to suit most laptops, Chromebooks and tablets and coupled with our charging systems you have the peace of mind that nothing has been compromised in quality and safety.

View the Consul™
Consul Self-Service Smart Loaning Locker


Fast or rapid deployment of devices is becoming more critical as time becomes more precious. Enabling users to access temporary devices as quickly as possible is essential to increase productivity or learning.

Built on the foundation of its larger self-service cousins, the NEW Envoy™ 32 provides a key role in today's digital transformation. A perfect entry into self-service for IT equipment.

Up to 32 devices can each be rapidly deployed by simply scanning your ID at the universal reader. MIFARE®, barcode and QR code are all supported.

View the Envoy™
LapSafe Envoy Rapid Deployment Loaning Smart Locker

Storage & Charging

Trolleys, Wall, Desk Cabinets & Lockers

LapSafe® are the original innovators of storage and charging trolleys. View our extensive range of solutions for easy management of devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets.

ChargeLite™ Range

The ChargeLite™ range offers an unrivalled and cost-effective solution to store, charge and even update your devices in volume.

The range consists of both static and mobile storage and charging trolleys, desk, wall cabinets and locker.

View the ChargeLite™ Range
ChargeLite Laptop Charging Trolley

Mentor™ Range

LapSafe®’s flagship Mentor™ trolley range provides the very highest levels of security as well as intelligent charging of devices. The trolley range offers three types of charging, our unique patented SmartLine™ (requires no AC adaptors), ChargeLine™ (uses device own AC adaptors), USB and USB-C Charging.

Robust, secure and upgradeable, the Mentor™ is the most sustainable storage and charging trolley available in the market today.

View the Mentor™ Range
Mentor Smart Laptop Charging Trolley

Diplomat™ Basic

A highly configurable and adaptable range of hot lockers offering secure storage and charging of assets and devices. With two different widths, four door sizes, several lock types, and the option of four charging systems or no charging, Diplomat™ Basic can be configured to suit the demands of a modern locker solution.

View the Diplomat™ Basic
Diplomat Basic Laptop Charging Lockers

FLEX™ Basic

Our popular laminate range of hot lockers offer a neat and modern solution to compliment your office or learning space. Choose vibrant colours and locker sizes to create your perfect fit. Available in three widths and four door sizes with both mains and USB charging sockets to power your everyday chargeables. Fit with any of our locks to provide the security, flexibility and control that you need.

View the FLEX™
Flexible Personal Storage Lockers

LapSafe® in your Sector

Deploy equipment quickly and with ease by allowing users access 24/7 to assets that they need. Support hybrid working with drop-off and collect, manage remote sites with limited IT resources, loan devices to users or provide secure smart access to personal hot lockers.


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