Why every Smart Office needs a Smart Locker

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Smart Office using technology to enhance services

We look at the key benefits a Smart Locker brings to Smart Offices, covering device storage and charging, asset loaning and control, secure drop-off and collection, hot locker convenience, Break/Fix management, and employee satisfaction.

But first, let's take a look at what these two smart solutions are and what they mean.

What is a Smart Office?

A smart office refers to a workplace that uses various technologies and devices to enhance productivity, efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. These technologies are integrated into the infrastructure of the office space to create an environment that is responsive, adaptable, and conducive to the needs of its employees and the business.

What is a Smart Locker?

Smart Lockers are a bank of lockers that can do so much more than just securely store assets. These self-service solutions can offer a host of services that automate routine tasks and elevate office functionality to a new level, such as asset loaning, secure drop-off and collection, hot locker convenience, and remote break/fix functionalities. These services encompass a range of benefits to the workforce, including compact storage, enhanced security, efficient asset management, convenient access, and personalised user experiences.

Now, let's delve into why every Smart Office should incorporate Smart Lockers into its infrastructure.

Secure Drop-Off & Collection

When working in a busy office environment which facilitates a hybrid and agile working setup, it is often difficult to cross paths with other team members. A Smart Lockers drop-off and collection service can automate the handover process in these circumstances, providing a more efficient, flexible operation.

This drop-off and collection service ensures a secure exchange of parcels, documents, equipment, and devices, which in return safeguards valuables and sensitive information, and reduces physical handover burdens.

Key Benefits:

  • Safeguards Sensitive Information
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Modernised Convenience

Hot Locker Convenience

Most employees who are hybrid working will often be ‘hot desking’ when in the office. To assist with this setup, hot lockers provide storage and security for personal belongings and private documents whenever the employee is out of the office.

Having this secure, compact space for belongings and equipment can reduce clutter, save space, and minimise the risk of loss and damage, whilst enhancing the employee's experience and satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Compact Storage
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
  • Secures Personal Belongings

Device Storage and Charging

Equipped with built-in charging methods, these lockers enable simultaneous charging of multiple devices, eliminating the need for individual chargers. This efficient solution minimises clutter and optimises space utilisation.

With features like biometric access or digital codes, Smart Lockers ensure the safety of valuable devices.

Key Benefits:

  • Compact Storage
  • Enhanced Security
  • Efficient Charging in Volume
  • Increases Availability

Improved Break/Fix Management

When a device is faulty or has reached the end of its life, the manual process can be time-consuming for IT support, which can also affect the level of productivity of the end user.

With a Smart Lockers support, devices can be connected to the network to grant IT Support with simultaneous and remote control; enabling them to troubleshoot issues or perform maintenance tasks without physical presence, optimising resources, and response time.

Key Benefits:

  • Elevated IT Support
  • Improved Productivity
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Update Devices in volume!

Easy Asset Loaning & Control

Smart Lockers allow devices to be automatically loaned with no staff interaction, providing instant accessibility for employees.

Access is granted through an array of identification methods; choose from QR Code, Barcode, Biometric, Magnetic Stripe, or MIFARE®. Administrators stay in control through an integrated tracking system, providing real-time asset monitoring and availability, enhancing accountability and inventory management.

Customisable rules and comprehensive reports, ensure IT support and administrators are always in control.

Key Benefits:

  • On-Demand Access
  • Streamlined Process
  • Improves Monitoring & Control
  • Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Employee Experience

Self-service provides employees with more control and accountability of their day. Intelligent Smart Locker functionalities allow employees to loan devices and/or equipment when required and pre-book lockers for specific tasks or appointments, ensuring availability and eliminating conflicts.

The hot locker service, provides the employee with peace of mind, knowing their personal belongings are safely stored away when they are out of the office. The drop-off and collection service promotes convenience and productivity, which improves employee satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Self-Service Convenience
  • Increased Employee Accountability
  • Improved Workplace Wellbeing
  • Boosted Work Environment

Your ideal Smart Locker

LapSafe® has a wide range of intelligent Smart Lockers, with its Diplomat™ Pro being the only Smart Locker available in the market that offers all these services as an all-in-one solution.

LapSafe® Smart Lockers are supported by our unique, cloud-based management software, ONARKEN®. Designed to allow administrators to monitor the assets and control the user’s accessibility and can work remotely across multiple sites.

ONARKEN® can be completely customised to suit specific business needs and can integrate with a range of third-party software’s such as Freshservice®, smarthub, SIP2, Paxton, and PaperCut.

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