Charging or Storing Multiple Devices?

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

When it comes to managing multiple devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, the process should be quick, seamless, pragmatic, and reliable. As devices are shared between the users, one of the key elements to ensure this process operates efficiently is having devices readily available and fully charged safely in the fastest possible time.

Our ‘Ultra-Safe Power Management System’ is unique and there is no other charging system like it in the World! All devices can be charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time. The power management system incorporates three areas of protection, soft-start, surge, and residual voltage; this provides the highest level of protection for both the user and the equipment. This comes as standard with all our product ranges.

When installing smart lockers and loaning devices, our most popular charging method by far, is our patented SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ which always ensures that the ‘best charged’ device is made available in the fastest time.

Altogether, we offer five charging options in our product range: our SmartLine™ with PowaSave™, USB 2.0, and USB-C, ChargeLine™, and ChargeLine™ Ultra.

  • SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ - features LapSafe®’s unique ultra-safe low voltage built-in charging cables specific to the make and model of laptop, or Chromebook, eliminating the need for AC adaptors.

  • Incorporated into our power management is PowaSave™, an intelligent technology that understands when a group of devices is fully charged. Once a full charge has been reached, PowaSave™ switches off the power supplies, meaning no electricity is wasted, keeping environmental damage, and running costs low. In reverse, the clever technology automatically switches the power back on when devices need charging. Our most Eco-friendly and carbon efficient power management system.

  • Available to suit all devices as well as, USB 2.0 and USB-C.

  • ChargeLine™ - uses the devices’ own AC adaptor plugged into a standard 3 pin socket to charge devices (Euro sockets also available). Depending upon product the socket is either situated at the front of each bay making them easy to remove if required, or sockets are provided in a service area with the AC adaptors so they cannot be removed and keeping the cable out of the way.

For complete safety, when installed into our mobile trolley range, the trolley automatically shuts off power to the sockets as soon as the doors are open. Making the trolley safe to use for all ages.

  • ChargeLine™ Ultra - an ideal solution where hot lockers are required. This works in the same way as ChargeLine™ but up to three devices can be charged using two x USB 2.0 sockets and a standard UK mains socket.

Best Charged v Time-based Charging

  • Time-based – Only available in our Consul™ Smart Locker. When a device is returned to a locker, it will charge for a set period of time (normally 60 minutes) before being made available to the next person. Most devices will be charged around 70% - 80% during the 60 minutes.

This method ensure devices are always back in circulation after one hour.

  • Charge-based - This is by far our most popular method incorporated into our SmartLine™ charging. Once the device is placed back on charge, our intelligent software will monitor its state of charge, once the device reaches approximately 80% charge, the device is released back into the loan pool of ‘available devices to loan’. This method is completely autonomous.

The benefit of charge-based over time-based, is devices that charge to 80% in less than one hour are available to borrow much quicker. It provides a far more fluid and dynamic loaning experience when devices have a quick turnaround. Rest assured though; all our charging methods incorporate the three areas of protection as detailed above as standard.

Managing Heat Output

Most of our products are fitted with thermostatically controlled fans which are designed to turn on when the temperature inside the cabinets starts to rise, once the temperature returns to a normal level the fans are turned off. This ensures an optimum charging temperature at all times. If for any reason the temperature cannot be reduced the unit will automatically shut down to prevent overheating.

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