Top #4 Benefits Smart Lockers Provide IT Services

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

LapSafe® Smart Lockers have been revolutionising a variety of organisations; from education and healthcare to the public sector and hospitality, with each one of them reaping the benefits of the array of functionalities and practicalities on offer.

We’ve previously given examples of how the end-user has been benefitting (check out, ‘Benefits of a Smart Locker in Education’ and ‘London Ambulance Service Chose LapSafe®’).

Here, we share the top four benefits a Smart Locker provides IT Services:

1. Advanced Asset Control

When organisations loan assets, maintaining control of ‘who has what’ can become challenging. Many of our customers have previously expressed how devices would go missing and how they would waste time searching the premises when a device has just been left in a non-designated area.

A Smart Locker eliminates this problem. Our cloud-based management software, ONARKEN® is set up to use existing or new ID methods to access a locker bay (such as MIFARE, MagStripe, BioMetrics, etc) so each user has their own I.D, which they scan to access the device. With ONARKEN®, assets can be tracked, and information is available in real-time on what devices have been loaned, what devices are being charged, and what devices are available.

IT features also include a record user’s history, the ability to set group and user rules, management of late return fines, an overview of bookings and reservations, monitoring drop-offs and collections, and much more.

A full reporting suite is included to produce as many reports as required, add them to the dashboard for up-to-the-minute statistics, or have scheduled emails sent to users when they need them.

Key benefits:

  • Increased asset control.
  • Structured management.
  • Enhances security.
  • Saves time on manually tracking assets.
  • Reduces asset replenishment.

2. Practical Break/Fix Solutions

When a device is faulty or has reached the end of its life, the manual process can be time-consuming for IT services which can affect the level of productivity for the user. With the Smart Locker supported by ONARKEN®, devices can be connected to the network to allow any updates and maintenance to be controlled simultaneously and remotely, whilst the device is still secured in the Smart Locker.

End-of-life devices can be stored in the Smart Lockers until IT services can collect them. For the user, once the device has been returned to the Smart Locker it can be swapped out for another device, ensuring productivity can continue.

Key benefits:

  • Easy Asset replenishment
  • Speeds up service levels.
  • Reduces users ‘downtime’.
  • Remote Control

3. Positive Impact on IT Budget

Many of our case studies will back up that Smart Lockers can create a huge saving for the IT Services budget.

As devices are shared amongst users, and this process is easily managed, fewer devices are required. Users can loan a device or assets for a set period of time, and once finished, they are returned to the Smart Locker ready for the next user.

The process of having a dedicated, secure storage space to charge and manage assets reduces the amount of replenishment; Users consciously take better care of the devices when they know their name is against it. As mentioned in section 1, many of our customers have expressed how devices would be left across around the workspace and not handed back in. As the Smart Locker operates with a check-out and check-in system, devices must be returned. If the user fails to return the device, ONARKEN® can issue user fines.

The advantage of remote access also saves time for IT Services. Previously, a team member would need to go back and forth to collect faulty devices and quickly issue a new device to the user so they can continue working. Now devices can be left in the Smart Locker until IT has time to collect and fix; the user can access another device, ensuring the productivity continues.

Key benefits

  • Reduces IT budget.
  • Fewer devices required.
  • Less device replenishment is required.
  • Saves time and resources.

4. Improved Quality of Service

IT Services play a key role within any organisation, the level of service they provide affects the user's experience. The ability to quickly deploy assets to new and existing users, as well as remotely manage updates in a more organised and proficient manner, not only improves the workload of IT Services, but it also increases the user’s experience; allowing productivity to continue.
Providing a secure, contactless service with 24 x 7 access to assets, also allows the user to have more freedom and control over their work schedules.

Key Benefits

  • Improved service
  • Increased productivity
  • 24 x 7 Access
  • Enhanced user control

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