Benefits of a Smart Locker in Education

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Over 70% of UK universities have installed our self-service Smart Lockers, with colleges following closely behind. Our lockers can loan fully charged devices such as laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks to students 24/7 without staff interaction.

The LapSafe® Diplomat™ Pro lockers can also offer services such as ‘drop-off and collect’, ‘break/fix’, ‘hot lockers’, and deployment of assets.

Diplomat Pro Smart Locker in Education

Saving your business money, time, and space.

What might initially seem like an unwarranted expense, Smart Lockers are proving to significantly improve efficiencies across all the education sectors. Saving staff time, reducing electricity bills, and improving user experience.

Smart lockers have shown they are all-around time savers, easing the workload of the IT department and Administrators, right through to the user.

Many of our customers have expressed how they wished they had invested sooner and will often make additional purchases.

“We want to add some more Lockers, increase the number of bays, and get some more flexibility. We are looking at things like gaming laptops, some computing software, some engineering, maybe some more specialist equipment.” - Nick Turton, Digital Campus Support Team Leader, Staffordshire University.

Check out this case study on Birmingham City University | LapSafe Case Study

Limited space seems to be a recurring problem across campuses. These self-service lockers can replace the traditional PCs and desk stations, which tend to occupy a large space, allowing the area to be used more effectively.

Benefiting your staff’s workload

Manually loaning devices to students and having to continuously ‘check in and check out devices’ is time-consuming and often means that user’s queue to borrow or return a device. Smart Lockers are easy to use, and the self-service solution can loan devices 24 x 7 without staff intervention freeing up staff time to focus on more pivotal duties.

"Introducing self-service was a massive benefit to us. There is less staff involvement in terms of admin, they are self-sufficient, once students are familiar with how it works, they don’t need to find staff for assistance" - Andrew Johnstone, IT Customer Services Manager, Western College.

These innovative lockers also provide a huge benefit to your IT Department. The automated service offers a more manageable process; devices can be connected to your network to allow monitoring and updates to be controlled simultaneously and remotely.

Assets can be tracked, and information is available in real-time on what devices have been loaned, what is on charge, and what is available to loan.

The LapSafe® Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker always deploys the best-charged device to ensure there is no user downtime due to lack of power.

An easy-to-use, self-service for your users.

For the user, the process of simply scanning at the terminal to borrow or return a device has never been so seamless. They will no longer need to worry whether a device will be available; the system also allows them to either reserve a device in advance or for more impromptu requirements the system will direct the user to a locker with a device available.

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