Customise your Smart Locker

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Our Diplomat™ Pro is the only all-in-one Smart Locker solution that offers loaning of assets, drop-off and collect service, remote IT break/fix, and hot locker convenience.

This total locker solution uses our cloud-based management platform ONARKEN®, which combines all our software services in one centrally managed suite of applications.

LapSafe's Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker

The Diplomat™ Pro has a variety of key customisations to ensure it fully supports your unique business needs, whilst conforming to your branding and aesthetics.


Our easy-to-use touchscreen terminals can be customised to complement your organisation's branding and message, this includes background images and videos, colours, and configurable text elements.

Bay Sizes

The Diplomat™ Pro boasts four types of door configurations; 12 bays, 6 bays, 4 bays and 2 bays per tower; you can mix and match these towers to support a variety of workflows, such as loaning assets, automating a drop-off and collection process, providing hot locker convenience, and using them to store and deploy assets.


Our Smart Lockers integrate with a range of third-party applications and ITSM tools. With our full suite of APIs, you can integrate your existing applications and take control of your users, assets, groups, lockers, and Smart Locker services.


Our cloud-based management software, ONARKEN®, combines all our software services in one centrally managed suite of applications. This innovative software provides a highly customisable reporting suite, allowing you to produce as many reports as you require, add them to your dashboard for up-to-the-minute statistics, or have scheduled emails sent to users when needed.

Charging Solutions

We offer five charging options in our product range: our SmartLine™ with PowaSave™, USB 2.0, and USB-C, ChargeLine™, and ChargeLine™ Ultra. You can choose which option you’d like installed within Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker. Find out more about these methods, here.

User Rules

You can customise user rules to suit your business needs, such as the length of time a device can be loaned, issue fines for late returns, block users, and set up grace periods when returning items. You can even customise the access an individual or group of users, has to specific devices or bays, at specific times.

Locking Options

To secure assets in your lockers, we offer four different types of ID options, MIFARE®, Barcode, Biometric, and Magnetic Stripe. You can choose which method works best for your organisation.


With over 2500 RAL colours available, you can customise the colour of your Smart Locker to suit your organisation's aesthetics. Use our Configurator to choose colours and add/remove towers easily.

Overall, these key customisations allow you to create a Smart Locker that is specific to your unique business needs. If you’d like to discuss your requirements further, please use our Contact Form to speak to one of our friendly team members. For more smart solutions visit our Smart Locker page and our Storage & Charging page for less advanced options.