#4 Colleges Share Their Smart Locker Successes

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

At LapSafe® we have supported many educational institutions over the years. With our innovative range of Smart Lockers, these institutions have seen an array of benefits.

Our Smart Lockers provide a variety of game-changing services such as automating device loaning, a seamless drop-off & collect process, hot locker convenience, and remote break/fix management. These services have proven to be cost-effective, enhance productivity, improve management procedures, and support flexible learning.

We caught up with four thriving colleges, that have successfully implemented our Diplomat™ Smart Locker into their institutions and saw the advantages enhance their operations:

Merthyr Tydfil College

The benefits have been twofold, the students have enjoyed having a level of autonomy in getting devices for themselves, and it encourages them to always have their student ID cards with them. Staff have benefited by always having access to devices for their classwork, and the library staff benefit with their time freed up to support learner enquiries at the desk rather than continuously issuing laptops.

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Weston College

Introducing self-service was a massive benefit to us. There is less staff involvement in terms of admin, they are self-sufficient, once students are familiar with how it works, they don’t need to find staff for assistance.

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Southern Regional College

The Diplomat Pro™ is a modular unit which means that should we purchase extra laptops in the future we can add extra locker bays. We also have other devices for students to borrow such as DSLR cameras which are available for short-term loans. The unit is versatile so it can be used for other devices and we are going to keep an eye on loans over the next academic year.

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Dundee and Angus College

There was a big decision at the outset about what sort of connectivity we needed. The full version of the Diplomat™ Pro lockers offering network connectivity looked perfect for us for the future. However, as we didn’t need connectivity at this time, we opted for the Diplomat™ LITE.

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You can find more success stories like these by visiting our Case Studies page, where many more Schools, Colleges, and Universities share their experiences with our solutions and our team.

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