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Diplomat™ Lockers
Laptop, Chromebook & Tablet
Charging Lockers

Laptop Charging Lockers

Laptop, Chromebook & Tablet
Smart Charging Lockers

LapSafe® has a fully versatile range of smart charging lockers available which offer a number of locking styles from simple keyed locks to sophisticated intelligent electronic locks.

These lockers securely store and safely charge laptops, Chromebooks, tablets or similar devices in individual locking bays.

Smart Charging

SmartLine™ charging with built-in cables available
(no AC adaptors)


Modular construction allowing scalability of your installation as required


Choose your colours to compliment your brand

Lock Options

Keyed, PIN Code, MiFare & contactless locks available

SmartLine™ Charging
Our Patended Integrated Charging Cables

Our patented SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ features our unique ultra-safe low voltage built-in charging cables specific to the make and model of laptop, Chromebook or similar devices, eliminating the need for AC adaptors.

Laptop Charging Lockers

No AC Adaptors

Pre-configured charging cables specific to your devices

LED Indicators

See charge status of each device in the charging locker

Power Saving

Automatically turns off power when devices are fully charged.


As your devices change you can easily upgrade your Diplomat™ lockers

Power Management

LapSafe®'s power management system protects the user, your equipment and electrical circuits.

Plug Socket Charging

Laptop Charging Lockers

Our ChargeLine™ charging solution uses the devices own AC adaptors. Standard UK 3-pin or Euro plug sockets are conveniently fitted into each locker bay allowing easy access to devices.

LapSafe®’s power management system incorporates three key areas of protection; soft-start, surge, and residual voltage. These provide the highest level of protection for the user, your equipment and electrical circuits.

ChargeLine™ Ultra
Plug Socket & Twin USB Charging

Laptop Charging Lockers

Where BYOD lockers are required our ChargeLine™ Ultra charging method is an ideal solution. Up to three devices can be charged using USB or standard mains socket fitted into each locker bay.

Laptop Charging Lockers

Locking Solutions
Locks To Suit Your Needs

Individual locker bays can be secured using a choice of locks which range from simple hotel safe style locking to sophisticated RFID and managed PIN code locks.

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Technical Information
Weights & Sizes

  Laptop Tower Tablet Tower

Tower Sizes
Width: 516mm
Height: 1950mm
Depth: 450mm
Width: 335mm
Height: 1950mm
Depth: 450mm

90kg 60kg

Additional Options

Data Transfer

The data transfer option facilitates simultaneous updating of laptops in the lockers.

Door Options

Choice of individual locker bay doors or one single door to access all twelve locker bays.