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Self-Service Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Diplomat™ Self-Service
24 x 7 Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Self-Service Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Unstaffed Device Loaning
Charging Lockers

The Diplomat™ is the most sophisticated and intelligent self-service locker system which loans devices or lockers 24 x 7 and is the most popular in the market today.

Fully charged devices such as laptops, Chromebooks and tablets can be automatically loaned to borrowers without staff interaction.

Scalable Solution

Modular construction allowing scalability of your installation as required.


Choose your colours and customise the User Interface to compliment your brand

ID Options

Identify users with either MiFare, Barcode, Magnetic Stripe & Biometric


Remotely monitor and report device availability and status of your lockers

Borrowing A Device
How It Works

Borrowers can loan a device such as a Laptop, Chromebook or tablet at anytime via our clear touch screen interface.

This allows users access to fully charged devices on demand without staff interaction and with no fuss.

Self-Service Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Best Charged Device

Always deploys the device with the most charge

Borrow Options

User can choose up to three different device types or a BYOD locker


Ability to print hard copy or email receipt of last transaction


Clear 19” touch screen with customisable user interface

Intelligent SmartLine™ Charging
For Loaning Best Charged Devices

SmartLine™ features LapSafe®’s unique ultra-safe built in charging specific to the make and model of laptop, Chromebook or tablet (No need for AC adaptors). Charging is integrated into the borrow and return process to ensure the best charged device is loaned at all times.

Self-Service Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Intelligent Monitoring

We never allow a device to be deployed with insufficient charge

Power Saving

Our PowaSave™ automatically turns off charging when devices are fully charged

LED Indicators

LED indicators to display charging status and availability of devices

Built-in Charging

SmartLine™ eliminates the need to use AC adaptors

Integration Options
How Users' Loans & Fines Are Managed

The Diplomat™ Self-Service solution can be integrated with any SIP2 compliant Library Management System (LMS) or with our own SOLO application with optional connection to Active Directory.

LMS Integration

We integrate with most Library Management Systems that use the 3M SIP2 Protocol

Ideal for Universities, Colleges and Libraries with an existing Library Management System.

SOLO Application

SQL Database with optional connection to Active Directory. Supplied with web based portal.

Ideal for organisations without a Library Management System

Availability Dashboard
Monitor & Track Device Availability


Report and monitor device availability during any time period

Locker View

See availability status for each individual locker bay in real-time


Automatic email alerts for incomplete loan transactions and fault reports

API Integration

Display availability within your applications, websites or communicate with your users via digital displays

Self-Service Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Colour Options
To Compliment Your Interior

Choose a colour combination to match your building interior and/or branding.

Choose Your Colours
Self-Service Laptop Loan Charging Lockers

Self-Service LITE
Cost Effective Charging Lockers

Where cost is paramount, our LITE™ version offers the perfect solution to provide self-service to users. With time based deployment, devices are held when returned for 60 minutes before being released for loan with sufficient charge.

Start with just a terminal including eight loaning bays and expand your system when needed or budgets allow. Clear and simple to use, loaning devices couldn’t be easier.


Devices charge for 60 minutes before they are deployed again.

Cost Effective

Go self-service with just a terminal that includes 8 charging bays and add additional lockers when/if needed.

LapSafe® Self-Service Laptop Loans
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Bays Across The World


Loans Per Year


Staff Hours Saved A Year

Last Updated: 22nd July 2019

Technical Information
Weights & Sizes

  Locker Tower / Terminal Tablet Tower

Locker Sizes
Width: 512mm
Height: 1950mm
Depth: 475mm
Width: 335mm
Height: 1950mm
Depth: 475mm

105kg 120kg