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Smart Locker launch at Workspace Design Show 2024

LapSafe® to launch new Smart Locker at the Workspace Design Show 2024

Industry-leading experts in Smart Lockers and Storage and Charging Solutions, LapSafe®, is set to exhibit a new Smart Locker range, named Sovran®.

The Sovran® range has been designed to provide the convenience of modern technology in workspaces while enhancing security, utilising space, and supporting staff workflows.

In 2019 we entered a new era when the COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to work from home and adapt to a new way of life. Initially, we saw the expected teething problems of limited access to technology and finding a quiet space at home to work.

However, as we transitioned into this new working style and found solutions to these initial hiccups, this setup has since proven a huge success across the board. Employers saw a significant reduction in overhead costs, gained space within the workplace and saw more productively from their team; employees found a more harmonious work-life balance and saved time and money on commuting to work.

As we continue to see the benefits of this working style, many businesses have continued to allow employees to work from home either full-time or partially, which we now refer to as ‘hybrid working’.

It is still crucial that businesses continue to evolve their technology and facilities to support the success of hybrid working.

The new Sovran® range is a cutting-edge solution designed to support a modern workplace with an array of benefits for hybrid and working.

Most employees who are hybrid working will often be ‘hot desking’ when in the office, a term used to describe a desk that isn’t dedicated to one specific person, instead it is used amongst many hybrid workers when in the office. To assist with this setup, the Sovran® boasts five different locker formats which accommodate the unique needs of the workplace, whether that be to secure personal belongings, documents, or shared equipment. This strengthens your workplace security whilst enhancing the employee's experience.

What makes the Sovran® range ‘Smart’? LapSafe® has implemented its innovative cloud-based management software, ONARKEN®, into this range, allowing businesses to stay in control with 24/7 monitoring and reporting, track usage, access history, and receive alerts when needed.

ONARKEN® also provides these Smart Lockers with a drop-off and collection feature. When working in a busy organisation with a hybrid setup, it is often difficult to cross paths with other team members. A drop-off and collection service supports a seamless handover process in these circumstances, providing a more efficient, flexible operation. ONARKEN® provides a complete audit trail of when items have been collected or dropped off.

Each locker bay can be installed with a standard mains socket or a USB-C charger, allowing devices to be charged while secured away. This smart solution provides employees with power on the go, an advantage that has been proven to significantly increase productivity.

The Sovran® features a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface that allows users to easily access their lockers, providing a user-friendly experience. Easy access doesn’t mean security is compromised, the Sovran® Smart Lockers feature advanced security options, including biometric recognition, RFID access, and one-time quick codes, ensuring belongings always remain safe.

To ensure the Sovran® works perfectly with unique business needs, the Smart Locker system can be tailored to workplace requirements, with options to customise access privileges and assign lockers.

The Sovran® will be revealed from 27th-28th February 2024 at the Workspace Design Show, held at the Business Design Centre in London. This event is attended by the region’s top architects, designers, occupiers, developers, and consultants. With over 3,500 attendees, 120+ speakers, 300+ unique workplace products, and many exciting features, the Workspace Design Show is an unmissable event.

This is a demonstration and be one of the first to see the sleek design of the Sovran® range, watch a demonstration, and discuss your business requirements.

Find LapSafe® at stand B25.

LapSafe®’s products are designed in-house, and they are proud to manufacture in Britain and support local businesses.

Note to Editor

LapSafe® is the UK’s industry leading expert in providing innovative and proficient charging solutions such as self-service smart lockers, trolleys and cabinets that assist in the deployment of assets.

LapSafe®’s portfolio offers technologically advanced solutions that ensures assets are taken care of in volume with minimal staff interaction. Specialising in providing simple yet comprehensive software workflows for our self-service lockers that can used in any environment.

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