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LapSafe® is a top choice for Scotland's Education

LapSafe® have been taking the Scottish education sector by storm with its innovative Smart Lockers.

Smart Lockers have proven to be an essential component across campuses. These innovative solutions can store, charge, and even support software updates in volume, all whilst seamlessly automating the device loaning process. Alongside this, Smart Lockers provide compact storage, enhance device security, and save valuable time and resources.

Reaping the rewards of this host of benefits is Scotland’s educational institutes, and having chosen LapSafe® as its preferred supplier, you’ll now find its intelligent Smart Lockers in 93% of Scotland’s universities and 70% of Scotland's colleges.

Head of IT at Dundee and Angus College, Andy Ross said, “I’m a member of the Scottish FE Information Leads, where we discuss all things IT and you get to hear about different IT solutions. The group is really helpful, and it is where we heard about LapSafe®. The feedback we received on the LapSafe® Diplomat™ Pro self-service lockers was so positive, and it seemed a good fit for what was needed here. We went ahead and ordered a 20-bay Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker for our Gardyne campus”.

Read the full Dundee & Angus case study.

Often placed in learning resource centres, libraries, collaborative zones, or common rooms, smart lockers are a real asset to learning environments; Students can borrow a device, 24/7 without staff intervention, and take it to a study area of their choosing.

However, it isn’t just the device management features that have Scotland’s campuses investing, a seamless ‘drop-off & collect’ feature and its ‘hot locker’ capabilities provide convenience, flexibility, and practicality to staff and their students. The ‘drop-off & collect’ service can automate the exchange of books, coursework, and private documents, to support a more flexible approach. The ‘hot locker’ service allows students to store personal belongings, rather than carrying them around all day. As bay sizes can vary in size, students have been known to store kits for activity classes, musical instruments, personal devices, books, folders, and other learning materials. This can enhance students' well-being by providing peace of mind knowing their belongings are secure.

Speaking about one of its most recent partnerships, LapSafe®’s Senior Account Manager, Michael Kilby says “We have recently been working closely with one of our Business Partners, HP, to support Ayrshire College. The college has just placed its first order for Smart Lockers, opting for an impressive 730-bay solution, which will be installed before the beginning of the September 2024 term.”

Scotland is known for its outstanding education, with four of its universities reaching the top 200 in the World University Ranking 2024 conducted by Times Higher Education. So, when investing in smart technology to support their high education standards, solutions need to be intelligent and innovative, with seamless integration into campuses and third-party software.

LapSafe® continues to develop its solutions to accommodate the education sector's evolving needs and highest standards.

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Note to Editor

LapSafe® is the UK’s industry leading expert in providing innovative and proficient charging solutions such as self-service smart lockers, trolleys and cabinets that assist in the deployment of assets.

LapSafe®’s portfolio offers technologically advanced solutions that ensures assets are taken care of in volume with minimal staff interaction. Specialising in providing simple yet comprehensive software workflows for our self-service lockers that can used in any environment.

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