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Efficient Charging Trolleys in Education

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Efficient Charging Trolleys for Educational Institutions

LapSafe®, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, knows of all the challenges educational institutions face when it comes to device management. Having supported the sector for over two decades, LapSafe® is pleased to offer its ChargeLite™ range, as a practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solution to these challenges.

In today's educational landscape, access to technology is indispensable for fostering digital literacy and enriching learning experiences. With the widespread use of devices like laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, the need for efficient management and charging solutions has become paramount.

Charging Trolleys offer an ideal solution, allowing institutions to store, charge, and update devices in volume while promoting sustainability. By centralising device management, these trolleys save time, space, and financial resources, all while enhancing security measures.

Institutions that frequently loan devices benefit immensely from Charging Trolleys, eliminating the need for manual distribution and ensuring a seamless user experience for students.

LapSafe®'s ChargeLite™ Trolleys, previously known as ClassBuddy™, have emerged as a popular choice among educators due to their robust features and flexibility.

With safe power management, ChargeLite™ Trolleys can charge up to 32 devices simultaneously, while optional data transfer capabilities streamline updates, saving significant time for IT managers. The modular construction of ChargeLite™ ensures long-term viability, accommodating evolving classroom technology with ease.

Designed for convenience and mobility, ChargeLite™ Trolleys feature built-in handles and 360° castors, allowing effortless transportation between classrooms. Security is prioritised with robust locking mechanisms and sturdy construction, ensuring the safety of valuable devices.

Feedback from users underscores the tangible benefits of Charging Trolleys, including increased device lifespan, significant cost savings, and a more sustainable approach to technology usage. LapSafe®'s commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with the evolving needs of educational institutions, facilitating enhanced learning experiences while contributing to a greener future.

As well as trolleys, the ChargeLite™ range also consists of wall cabinets, desk units, and a standalone locker. All are available within 7- 10 days.

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Note to Editor

LapSafe® is the UK’s industry leading expert in providing innovative and proficient charging solutions such as self-service smart lockers, trolleys and cabinets that assist in the deployment of assets.

LapSafe®’s portfolio offers technologically advanced solutions that ensures assets are taken care of in volume with minimal staff interaction. Specialising in providing simple yet comprehensive software workflows for our self-service lockers that can used in any environment.

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