What is ONARKEN®? Key Questions Answered.

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Diplomat Pro Smart Locker in Corridor

Across our website, we mention our unique, cloud-based software platform, ONARKEN®, often referring to it as the heart of our Smart Lockers. This innovative software has been built and designed in-house by our skilled IT team with the Smart Locker needs in mind, and thousands of customer feedback over the last 20 years.

Here, we answer those all-important questions surrounding ONARKEN®.

What is ONARKEN®?

ONARKEN® is our cloud-based software, purposely built for our Smart Lockers. This unique software brings the ‘Smart’ into ‘Smart Lockers’, making them so much more than the basic storage lockers that we’re all familiar with.

ONARKEN® allows our lockers to provide the self-service solutions that have become a high demand in our modern world.

What self-service solutions does ONARKEN® offer?

ONARKEN® allows our Smart Lockers to offer multiple self-service solutions:

Loaning of Assets - Items such as laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and equipment can be automatically loaned to users with no staff interaction.

Drop Off & Collect - Automate the drop-off & collection of items with a complete audit trail of when items have been collected or dropped off.

IT Break/Fix - Speed up the management of IT break/fix with our Smart Lockers allowing users to deposit faulty items and collect new items.

Hot Lockers - Allocate personal storage lockers to staff or for a group to share resources and/or information quickly and easily.

Deployment – Issues devices and other equipment to new starters without the need for staff interaction. Staff can be assigned a locker code to pick up their starter kit, so they have all they need to start their new role.

End of Life – Staff can deposit equipment that has an end of life into the Smart Lockers and then be assigned another locker to pick up new equipment automatically.

How do I manage these services and user access?

ONARKEN® combines all our software services in one centrally managed suite of applications. An innovative solution that is highly customisable.

Behind the scenes, administrators can monitor the assets and control the user’s accessibility. These features include an overview of what devices are loaned or still available, ability to track the user’s history, set group and user rules, manage late return fines, see an overview of bookings and reservations, monitor drop-offs and collections, and much more.

A full reporting suite is included for you to produce as many reports as you require, add them to your dashboard for up-to-the-minute statistics, or have scheduled emails sent to users when they need them.

ONARKEN® can be completely customised to suit specific business needs.

How does the user control work?

Sitting alongside ONARKEN® is ‘My ONARKEN®’, an easy-to-use app for Smart Locker users. This app allows users to set reservations and bookings, manage drop-offs and collections, receive notifications, see an overview of available devices and lockers, and much more.

Can you integrate ONARKEN® with any other software?

You can Integrate ONARKEN® into third-party tools that you already use to enhance your experience. Some of the Integrations available include Freshservice®, smarthub, Active Directory (LDAP), Library Management Systems (SIP2), Azure, PaperCut, Paxton and SISO.

What Smart Lockers use ONARKEN®?

All our Smart Lockers have ONARKEN®, however, only our Diplomat™ Pro provides an ALL-IN-ONE solution of services.

The Envoy™ offers the Loaning of Assets services, and the Consul™ offers the Loaning of Assets and Hot Locker services.

Visit our ‘Smart Lockers’ page to find out more or check out our latest blog What is a Smart Locker? Key Questions Answered.

Group of Diplomat Pro Smart Lockers in Education

We are proud to offer the only ALL-IN-ONE Smart Locker in the industry thanks to ONARKEN®’s intelligence. We have developed one of the most universal, powerful, Smart Locker platforms to date, and will continuously make changes as technology and customer needs evolve, making sure our customers always have the best service available.

If you’d like to see the Smart Lockers in action, the full range, along with the LapSafe® Storage & Charging Solutions, will be showcased at Bett UK, the world's biggest EdTech event, held at ExCel London on 24th – 26th January 2024.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly experts, fill out our Contact form to arrange a call.