Streamline Asset Management with ONARKEN®

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

In today's dynamic workplace environment, efficient asset management is essential for organisations to maintain productivity and security.

Managing various devices, tracking their usage, and ensuring timely maintenance are tasks that require smart solutions.

LapSafe®’s intelligent, cloud-based Smart Locker Software, ONARKEN® emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering administrators unparalleled control over assets while providing users with a seamless experience through the My ONARKEN® app.

Let's delve into the key features and functionalities that make ONARKEN® a game-changer in asset management.


An administrative control panel empowers administrators with tools to monitor and manage users and devices effectively.

Asset Loaning Management: Admins can effortlessly monitor the status of devices stored in the Smart Lockers. They can easily distinguish between available and loaned devices and unlock Smart Lockers when needed.

User Monitoring: Admins can track users' borrowing history, set group/user rules, and implement late return fines, ensuring accountability and adherence to organisational policies.

Reservation and Booking Management: Admins gain an overview of reservations and bookings, facilitating efficient allocation of resources and minimising conflicts.

Hot Lockers Control: Admins gain real-time insights into assigned lockers and user history, enabling admins to optimise locker utilisation and ensure smooth operations.

Streamlined Drop-off & Collection: ONARKEN® displays request statuses and historical data. Admins can easily manage vacant bays and track assets ready for collection, enhancing efficiency and reducing turnaround time.

Break/Fix Management: ONARKEN® simplifies maintenance tasks by enabling admins to track asset repair requests and schedule maintenance activities promptly, ensuring devices remain in optimal condition and end-user productivity continues.

Full reporting: A full reporting suite is included for you to produce as many reports as you require, add them to your dashboard for up-to-the-minute statistics, or have scheduled emails sent to users when they need them.


LapSafe® has also developed My ONARKEN®, a free-to-download app that provides end-users with management and control over their Smart Locker usage, allowing them to reserve locker bays and loan assets seamlessly. Additionally, they can initiate drop-off requests and receive notifications, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

To summarise, ONARKEN® revolutionises asset management by providing administrators with powerful tools to monitor, allocate, and maintain assets effectively, while offering users a seamless experience through the My ONARKEN® app. This intelligent Smart Locker software sets a new standard for streamlined asset management in modern workplaces.

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