Spotlight on… the FLEX™ Range

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Enhancing workplaces with the storage & charging lockers

Our FLEX™ range of personal storage and charging lockers is extremely popular in schools and colleges across the country. However, we now see increased interest in other sectors, such as hospitality, retail, and smart offices.

The FLEX™ range of wooden lockers provides large corporations with a hot locker solution to secure employees' personal belongings. Each bay can be fitted with a three-pin socket and a twin USB socket, allowing personal devices such as phones and laptops to be charged whilst locked away.

As bays are available in multiple sizes, they can accommodate most items an employee is likely to have with them for the day.

The lockers can also be used to simultaneously charge and secure work devices, such as iPads, scanners, and handheld EPOS systems.

The FLEX™ solution creates an agile workspace with its easy-to-use locks and compact storage. Assets can be secured via three locking options: Keyed lock, Pin code Lock, or MIFARE® Lock.

These electronic lockers also support employee wellness, providing them with peace of mind knowing assets are secured in one space.

To ensure the lockers are aesthetically pleasing, colours can be changed to suit your establishment. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find many images of the FLEX™ across our social media channels from our customers.

John Mansfield, Head of Campus and Estates at Haringey Sixth Form LRC, shares their experience of having the Flex™ locker installed within their campus in this Case Study.

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