Smart Support for Managed Service Providers

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

How Smart Lockers & Smart Vending are Supporting Managed Service Providers

Smart Lockers & Smart Vending Machines Supporting Managed Service Providers

Many MSPs have been implementing Smart Lockers and Smart Vending Machines to elevate their services and streamline workflows. These intelligent, self-service solutions boast a host of functionalities which have been revolutionising the management and control processes of MSPs. In return, this enhances service levels and end-user satisfaction.

So, what are these functionalities and how are MSPs benefiting from them:

Integrated Management

Smart Lockers and Smart Vending Machines, can be integrated with third-party tools, allowing MSPs to remotely take control, this can include deployment of assets, the ability to set group and user rules, an overview of bookings and reservations, monitoring drop-offs and collections, and much more.

Reduced Site Visits

Travelling back & forth to collect faulty devices, perform device updates, and provide peripherals, can be time-consuming and costly for MSPs. Instead, Smart Lockers and Smart IT Vending Machines support the process; the combined advantages of remote access, self-service, and automated peripheral deployments can save a significant amount of time and reduce carbon footprint.

Improved Quality of Service

IT Services play a key role within any organisation, the level of service they provide affects the end user's experience. The ability to quickly deploy assets to new and existing users, as well as remotely manage updates in a more organised and proficient manner, not only improves the workload of IT Services, but it also increases the user’s experience; allowing productivity to continue.

Increased Self-Service

Self-service has proven to provide a much faster approach by cancelling out wait times, minimising queues, and reducing the level of manpower. This solution enhances productivity and efficiency for the end user and MSPs.

Seamless 24/7 access

Smart Lockers and Smart Vending Machines provide seamless 24/7 access to services such as asset loaning, drop-off and collection, hot lockers, and peripheral replacements. Whilst this enhances service levels, it is extremely beneficial for the end user, as it reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Advanced asset control

Smart Lockers allow assets such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets to be automatically loaned with no staff interaction. Customisable rules, reports, and notifications help MSPs stay in control. Vending IT peripherals allow MSPs to remotely manage and issue physical and virtual items around the clock. Comprehensive reports ensure MSPs can monitor usage, track every transaction, and manage equipment inventory.

To summarise, the key benefits a Smart Locker and Smart Vending Machines provide to MSPs are incomparable. Each automated solution saves time and resources, improves service levels and end-user satisfaction, and streamlines workflows for a more manageable process.

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