Enhance device hygiene with the Diplomat UV-C

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Does your organisation loan devices to multiple users? If so, let us introduce you to our innovative sanitise station, Diplomat™ UV-C and all its importance.

Loaning devices to multiple users has already proven to provide outstanding benefits across the board. However, with shared devices crossing multiple hands, bacteria can harvest and spread amongst the users.

Many researchers have found that a device can contain more germs than a public toilet seat. The consequences of bad bacteria can be very harmful, causing allergies, viruses, infections, and even asthma; and whilst you can comfortably manage your loaned devices, you can’t control the user’s hygiene levels, ensuring they wash their hands or cover their mouth and nose when coughing and sniffing is almost impossible.

With this in mind, we produced a smart solution to eliminate the risk of spreading germs and help to create a healthier environment.

Our Diplomat™ UV-C is designed to sanitise laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, killing 99% of bacteria* in just 15 seconds.

Research has shown that 99% of bacteria and some viruses* are killed when exposed to high-intensity UV-C light, so we fitted our sanitising stations with 18 Phillips UV-C bulbs to ensure all areas of the device get sanitised, including the hard-to-reach places.

The sanitising station is easy to use; the device is simply placed into the cleaning bay, and the LCD screen displays straightforward instructions. Whilst the device is being sanitised the user can sanitise their hands for double protection.

These stations can be very effective in hospitals and education institutes where the spread of germs can sometimes be extremely high.

The sanitising stations can be coloured to match your existing LapSafe® Smart lockers, or used standalone matching your décor ensuring the uniformity continues.

We all saw how fast bacteria can spread when we experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people were infected every day, and one of the many lessons from this period taught us to have safer solutions in place to minimise the spread.

Visit the Diplomat™ UV-C page for more information.

If you’d like to see the Diplomat™ Pro in action, along with the LapSafe® full range, visit us at Bett UK, the world's biggest EdTech event, held at ExCel London on 24th – 26th January 2024.

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