Discover our new Sovran™ Smart Locker

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Our newest Smart Locker, Sovran™, is designed to provide personal hot locker convenience, automated drop-off & collection, and the ability to charge devices for power on the go. Perfect for hybrid and agile workspace.

LapSafe's Sovran™ Smart Locker

Here, we delve into these game-changing features and how they support workplaces:

Automated Drop-Off & Collection

The term ‘automated drop-off & collection’ (sometimes referred to as ‘pick-up & drop-off’) is the ability to automatically deposit or pick up items through a system, without requiring direct human interaction.

When working in a busy organisation and with hybrid working now a modern setup, it is often difficult to cross paths with other team members.

Sovran™’s drop-off & collection service supports a seamless handover in these circumstances, providing a more efficient, flexible approach.

This is particularly beneficial for deploying devices or equipment, exchanging private documents or sensitive information, handing in assignments or books, and creating a parcel point.

A drop-off & collection service provides practicality and convenience to many organisations. It simply allows a secure exchange of assets when it isn’t always possible to do so in person, due to busy schedules or limited manpower.

Personal Hot Locker Convenience

Most employees who are hybrid working will often be ‘hot desking’ when in the office, a term used to describe a desk that isn’t dedicated to one specific person, instead it is used amongst many hybrid workers when in the office.

To assist with this setup, the Sovran® works as a hot locker. It boasts five different locker formats which accommodate individual and workplace needs. This can be used to safely store personal belongings, private documents, or shared equipment.

This strengthens workplace security, improves administration efficiency, and creates peace of mind for the end user.

Power On the Go

The Sovran™ can also be a great source of power on the go. Each locker bay can be installed with a standard mains socket or a USB-C charger, allowing devices to be charged while secured away.

This advantage has been proven to significantly increase productivity.

What makes Sovran™ ‘Smart’?

Sovran™ is integrated with our cloud-based management software, ONARKEN®, which combines all our software services in one centrally managed suite of applications. An innovative solution with highly customisable features, which includes an overview of the available equipment, the ability to track the user's history, customise access privileges, view and manage bookings and reservations, monitor drop-offs and collections, and much more.

The Sovran™ features a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface that allows users to easily access their lockers, providing a user-friendly experience. Easy access doesn’t mean security is compromised, the Sovran™ can have advanced security options, including biometric recognition, RFID access, and one-time quick codes, ensuring contents remain safe.

To ensure the Sovran™ works perfectly with unique business needs, the Smart Locker system can be tailored to workplace requirements, with options to customise access privileges and assign lockers.

Visit the Sovran™ product page to find out more. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our friendly team, please get in touch via our Contact Form.