Are Self-Service Lockers For Me?

Denise Crouch

Denise Crouch

At times you may need to provide your workforce easy access to technology. Or, you may have to manage dozens of devices all at once (all those new ‘working from home’ laptops returning to the workplace!). Are you trying to create a chilled working environment, free of desk top clutter?

This is where the LapSafe® Self-Service Lockers come into play. Providing thousands of loans around the globe every day - we know a thing or two about how self-service loaning can change the way we manage our devices.

So, what do you need to know?

What is a LapSafe® Self-Service Locker?

Let’s be clear; It is not just a simple locker. It is a full-blown system, allowing users to access a fully charged device such as laptops, tablets, barcode scanners, or almost anything! No need for staff intervention, the LapSafe® Self-Service Lockers work at any time of day; even out of staffed office hours. No more queues at the service desk, easy tracking of devices and no more paperwork with the availability dashboard and usage reporting – the LapSafe® Self-Service Lockers takes care of it all.

Who uses lockers?

Anyone that needs to loan technology to their users. 67% of UK universities use self-service loan lockers for staff and students, of these a massive 94% use LapSafe®. Emergency services use them to speed up loaning of devices for quicker response times. Offices, banking, airlines, manufacturing – around the world companies are using a ‘hot desk’ approach to technology to provide access when and where it is needed.

Where can they be used?

Anywhere you like! – Depending upon the service you want to provide. They look great in open access areas such as corridors, libraries, offices, classrooms, staff rooms, warehouses, they’ve even been installed in cruise ships! They take up a lot less room than desk top PCs and provide greater flexibility of use.

How Do They Work?

It’s easy – a bank of lockers are filled with the devices you want to loan (by far the most popular are laptops or tablets, but any device could be used). You decide on the time allowed for the loan. The user selects the device they want to borrow, scan their ID card (or method of identification), and remove the device from the locker. When they return the device they scan their ID, pop the device back in the locker and plug it in (if the item needs charging). That’s it, it’s that simple! 

You can even offer empty locker spaces for users to charge their own devices with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option.

What About Device Management?

It’s so easy! LapSafe® Self-Service Lockers can be fully networked allowing you to monitor and update all devices at the same time, remotely. They can be integrated with your existing LMS (Library Management System) or as an independent ‘SOLO’ unit.

The Availability Dashboard makes it easy for you to keep an eye on who is borrowing what, and for your users to find available lockers. Devices are all charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time, and the Lockers will always issue the device with the most charge (ensuring users have maximum charge when borrowed).

Why Should I Use Lockers?

If you have multiple devices to manage, if your staff spend too much time loaning devices, if you want a more flexible option than desk top PCs, if you want to provide a quick and easy service for users and management – then LapSafe®’s Self-Service Lockers are the popular choice.

How can I find out more?

Ask us anything – give us a call on 0800 130 3456 or email

See it in action – we are always happy to put you in touch with existing customers so you can see for yourself.