6 Steps for Implementing a Smart Locker

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

Smart Lockers are in high demand across multiple sectors, we’ve seen a significant increase in educational institutes, healthcare organisations, and smart office environments, all choosing to enhance their offerings with these intelligent solutions.

Smart Lockers are revolutionising work practices with their array of automated services, such as asset loaning, a seamless drop-off and collect procedure, hot locker convenience, and remote break/fix maintenance.

If you’re one of these entities who has decided to invest in a Smart Locker, you might wonder how to choose a solution and successfully implement it into your environment.

Here, we share six steps to seamlessly implement a Smart Locker into your work environment, collated from our decade of experience and numerous case studies.

1. Find the Right Smart Lockers

As you’ve already decided to invest in a Smart Locker, you will have an idea of what services you will need it to provide. Here is a selection of LapSafe® Smart Lockers and their services:

Envoy™ - Device Loaning, Charge & Update in Volume.

Consul™ - Device Loaning, Charge & Update in Volume.

Sovran™ – Hot Locker, Drop-Off & Collect.

Diplomat™ Pro – Device Loaning, Charge & Update in Volume, Hot Locker, Drop-Off & Collect, Remote Break/Fix.

You can delve more into these solutions by visiting our Smart Locker page.

2. Choosing the Best placement For Your Smart Lockers

Choosing the best placement for your Smart Solutions is crucial for maximising their efficiency and impact. We have seen these placed in libraries, corridors, collaborative zones, and positioned outside meeting rooms or within reception areas. Placing your Smart Locker in high-traffic areas like these ensures easy accessibility.

3. Accessible Electric Points

It’s important to ensure your chosen locations have accessible electric points to power up your Smart Lockers. Many of our customers have expressed how they arrange for their electrician to put in extra sockets in case they wish to have additional Smart Lockers in the future.

4. Seamless Smart Locker Installation

For a seamless installation day, communication and organisation are key. The installation process should have minimal disruptions. LapSafe®’s team will communicate with you throughout the whole process, ensuring you’re aware of when the Smart Lockers are due and that our team know the chosen location, once the Smart Lockers are live our team will either provide you with a live demonstration or a remote video call on of how the Smart Lockers operate.

The Smart Lockers are incredibly easy to use, thanks to LapSafe’s intelligent software ONARKEN®.

In our University College Cork Case Study, Ann Bryne expressed how two laptops were loaned by students within minutes of the installation being completed.

5. Introducing Your Smart Locker to Your End Users

The Smart Locker terminal is easy to use, with step-by-step instructions, however, you will need to decide on your best method of communication for introducing the Smart Lockers to the end-users, this could be via email, newsletters, posters, or even a meeting. To create a buzz around your investment you could introduce your new solution in stages; Firing out mailers such as, ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Now in Action’, and ‘Have you experienced the new Smart Locker’. Your end-users will soon be taking advantage of the Smart Locker benefits.

6. Ongoing Smart Locker Support

Finally, we provide lifetime customer support with all our solutions, assisting with troubleshoots, maintenance and suggestable upgrades if and when your devices change.

We use the widely recognised Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) system to gauge our post-sales performance.

The NPS® system allows us to, not only assess our performance but also stay attuned to our customers' evolving needs. We take pride in our NPS® achievements; our score currently stands at 90%, putting us into the ‘Excellence’ bracket.

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