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Mentor™ Range
Intelligent & Secure Charging Trolleys

Laptop Charging Trolleys

Secure & Intelligent
Charging Trolleys

LapSafe®’s flagship Mentor™ range provides the very highest levels of security as well as intelligent charging of devices. The Mentor™ trolley range offers three types of charging, our unique patented SmartLine™ (requires no AC adaptors), ChargeLine™ (uses device own AC adaptors) or USB Charging.

The ‘ultra-safe Power Management System’ is the best available on the market today. All devices are charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time. The power management system incorporates three areas of protection, soft-start, surge and residual voltage; these provide the highest level of protection for the user, your equipment and electrical circuits.

Smart Charging

SmartLine™ charging with built-in cables


The most secure charging trolley on the market

Future Proof

Upgradeable when your devices change

Lifetime Warranty

Rest assured the Mentor™ is covered by our lifetime warranty

In The Range

Charging Trolley for 15 Laptops

Mini Mentor™




Tablets & Chromebooks

Charging Trolley for 20 Laptops

Midi Mentor™




Tablets & Chromebooks

Charging Trolley for 30 Laptops





Tablets & Chromebooks

SmartLine™ with PowaSave™
Integrated Charging Cables

Our patented SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ features unique ultra-safe low voltage built-in charging cables specific to the make and model of laptop, or Chromebook, eliminating the need for AC adaptors.

The highly intelligent SmartLine™ charging system incorporates PowaSave™ as standard. When devices are fully charged, PowaSave™ automatically turns off its internal power supplies rather than dissipating wasted electric as heat. Charging is automatically reinstated when required by the devices. This feature alone will recover the cost of the cabinet in a short space of time through saved electricity.

Laptop Charging Trolley

No AC Adaptors

Pre-configured charging cables specific to your devices

LED Indicators

See charge status of each device in the charging trolley

Power Saving

Automatically turns off power when devices are fully charged.


Upgradeable when your devices change

Power Management

LapSafe®'s power management system protects the user, your equipment and electrical circuits.

Charges Devices With AC Adaptors

ChargeLine™ uses the device’s own AC adaptor plugged in to a standard 3 pin, 13-amp socket to charge devices (Euro sockets available). The socket is situated at the front of each bay so that there is no need to reach around the rear of the unit to plug in the AC adaptors, making them easy to remove if required.

For complete safety, the trolley automatically shuts off power to the sockets as soon as the doors are opened.

Charge Only

USB charge only modules allow tablets such as iPads to be charged at full rate. Users connect their own USB cable to the conveniently placed USB 2.0 sockets at the front of each storage and charging bay.

The Most Secure Laptop Charging Trolley

Anti-jemmy Plates

Anti-jemmy plates fitted to the top and bottom of the doors

Continuous Hinges

One continuous hinge to prevent access via the doors

Quad Locking

Reinforced locking system with four points of locking

Steel Chassis

Constructed of a fully welded steel chassis thus reduces points of weakness

Laptop Charging Trolley

Technical Information
Weights & Sizes

  Mini Mentor Midi Mentor Mentor

Trolley Sizes
Width: 655mm
Height: 1165mm
Depth: 605mm
Width: 1240mm
Height: 880mm
Depth: 605mm
Width: 1240mm
Height: 1165mm
Depth: 605mm

113kg 136kg 180kg

Bay Sizes – Due to the varied configuration options the Mentor Trolley range offers – please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Additional Options

Mentor Laptop Charging Trolley - Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Update all your devices at once.

Mentor Laptop Charging Trolley - Timer


A configurable 7 day digital timer.

Mentor Laptop Charging Trolley - WAP


Internet access with wireless access point.

Mentor Laptop Charging Trolley - Docking Station

Docking Station

Dock your trolley to the wall for increased security.