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ClassBuddy™ Trolleys
Cost Effective Charging Trolleys

ClassBuddy 32 - Laptop Charging Trolley

Cost Effective
Laptop Charging Trolleys

The ClassBuddy™ Laptop, Chromebook and tablet charging trolley range offers an unrivalled and cost effective solution for your devices.

Devices are charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time using their AC adaptors.

The ClassBuddy™ is fully and independently certified by a notified body.

Safe Charging

LapSafe®'s safe charging for up to 32 devices simultaneously

Cost Effective

LapSafe®'s cost effective storage & charging range

Steel Construction

Full steel construction to withstand the test of time

Space Saving

A new compact, small footprint charging trolley range

In The Range

ClassBuddy Charging Trolley for 10 Laptops




Tablets & Chromebooks

ClassBuddy Charging Trolley for 16 Laptops




Tablets & Chromebooks

ClassBuddy Charging Trolley for 32 Laptops


Chromebooks & Tablets

Safe Charging
With AC Adaptors

Safe storage and charging is provided for 10, 16, 32 laptops (or larger Chromebooks) or 20, 32 tablets (or smaller Chromebooks).

All devices charge simultaneously in the fastest possible time using their own AC adaptors. Safe power management and neat cable management comes as STANDARD.

32 Laptops

Safely store & charge up to 32 full sized laptops

32 Chromebooks

Safely store & charge up to 32 small Chromebooks / tablets

Cable Management

Neat and tidy cable management to prevent messy cables.

AC Adaptors

Devices are charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time

ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolleys
ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolley

Admin access door removed for display purposes.

Power Management
As Standard

LapSafe®'s power management system protects the user, your equipment and electrical circuits.

Over Current

Residual Voltage Protection

Soft Start
Power Management

Seperate Admin

Built To Last

ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolley

Each trolley is naturally ventilated, allowing air to flow through ventilation holes in the base and shelves then out through the top rear apertures. If using the data transfer option, a thermostatically controlled fan is added to ensure optimum charging temperature.

Recessed handles and rounded corners give the ClassBuddy™ a smooth exterior whilst manoeuvrability is achieved with high quality castors which give 360° movement. Two of the castors are braked for stability and lock the trolley into position.

Locking Solutions
Why Not Go Keyless?

ClassBuddy Charging Trolley Locks

The ClassBuddy™ range can be secured by a choice of locks.

Keyed Locks
MiFare Locks
PIN Code Locks

View Our Lock Options

Technical Information
Weights & Sizes

  ClassBuddy 10/20 ClassBuddy 16/32 ClassBuddy 32

Trolley Sizes
Width: 590mm
Height: 885mm
Depth: 590mm
Width: 590mm
Height: 1284mm
Depth: 590mm
Width: 748mm
Height: 1284mm
Depth: 590mm

72kg 105kg 124kg

Bay Sizes
Remember for chromebooks/tablets you need to fit two per shelf
Width: 515mm
Height: 66mm
Depth: 400mm
Width: 515mm
Height: 66mm
Depth: 400mm
Width: 335mm
Height: 66mm
Depth: 400mm

Additional Options

ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolley - Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Update all your devices at once.

ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolley - Timer


A configurable 7 day digital timer.

ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolley - WAP


Internet access with wireless access point.

ClassBuddy Laptop Charging Trolley - Docking Station

Docking Station

Dock your trolley to the wall for increased security.