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Located around five miles from the centre of Manchester, in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford,St Hugh of Lincoln R.C. Primary School provides a warm and caring environment in which each child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

As part of the school’s ongoing commitment to deliver quality learning experiences and improved resources, St Hugh of Lincoln R.C Primary School decided to invest in 64 iPads. The school sought a quality charging trolley that could easily synchronise the devices inside the cabinet to enable teachers to download educational apps. Having purchased laptop charging trolleys from LapSafe® Products in the past, St Hugh of Lincoln R.C Primary School knew that they could rely on the UnoCart™ for iPads to charge, sync and secure their new tablets.

Mark Mountcastle, a teacher at St Hugh of Lincoln R.C Primary School, purchased two 32 bay UnoCart™ for iPad charging trolleys in July 2011. He said: “The UnoCart™ offered us all of the functionality that we required at a lower price than other trolleys on the market with a similar specification. We felt that the trolley was good value for money, and, because it bears the LapSafe® brand name, we knew that we’d be getting a reliable and robust solution.

“We had already used LapSafe® charging trolleys to manage our laptops before investing in iPads and had been happy with both the products and the service. Like our other LapSafe® trolleys, our new UnoCart™ is very good quality and does everything that we need it to do.”

The school currently use their iPads for a range of different activities to supplement both learning and teaching. Mark said: “The iPad represents the next generation of learning; everything we can do on a PC we can now do on the tablet, but with instant access. We no longer have to wait for a computer to boot-up, so our pupils can quickly grab an iPad and go to a search engine to check any information they are unsure of.”

Mark continued: “We take the iPads on school trips to use them as digital and video cameras, use them to access educational apps, print and even as keyboards in our music lessons. Our pupils love using the tablets to learn geography, to boost their fine motor skills, and they also take them outside to film our sports lessons. Both our teachers and pupils are enthusiastic about new technology and being able to use iPads has added another dimension to our already successful learning programme.”

Classes at St Hugh of Lincoln R.C Primary School now have timetabled access to an UnoCart™ full of iPads on a regular basis. Outside of this rota, pupils and sta can grab iPads from the school’s second iPad trolley whenever they are required.

Mark concludes: “I would recommend LapSafe® Products to other schools looking for an iPad charging trolley, as not only does the UnoCart™ meet all of our needs, but the support given to us has been fantastic and very time responsive.”