Case Study

Smart Locker Success at Southampton Solent

Denise Crouch

Denise Crouch

In May 2011, Verity Walker, a talented ten-year-old from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Collier Row, clinched the top spot in the national Happy Art Competition. Selected from an impressive pool of 7,844 entries, Verity not only secured a coveted netbook but also earned her classroom a brand-new ChargeLite™ laptop charging trolley (formally known as ClassBuddy™), along with five additional netbooks.

Artistic Joy Captured on ChargeLite™

Verity's winning artwork, depicting 'something that makes her happy,' now graces the front doors of the ChargeLite™ as a perpetual testament to her artistic prowess. Olivia Paton, Headteacher at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, expresses pride, stating, “Our pupils and teachers adore the ChargeLite™, particularly Verity's drawing that greets us daily."

Functionality and Style

Educators at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School appreciate the ChargeLite™ not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its user-friendly design. Olivia notes, “Teachers find it easy to use, with straightforward netbook storage and hassle-free mobility. The simplicity of plugging in netbooks for charging, with neatly stored AC adaptors, adds to its appeal."

Safe and Secure

The school prioritises safety, and the ChargeLite™ aligns with these concerns. Olivia highlights, “Its single power lead minimises tripping hazards, and the CE Certification instils confidence. The computers securely rest on storage shelves, safeguarding them during transportation."

Empowering Learning Through Technology

Netbooks have become integral to literacy lessons at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School. Olivia remarks, “For reluctant writers, especially SEN pupils, using netbooks has proven invaluable. The ChargeLite™ has become a motivator, offering a reward system for good behaviour and hard work."

Mobile ICT for Future Skills

With the ChargeLite™, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School empowers students to use netbooks in any classroom, fostering early ICT skill development. Olivia concludes, “Encouraging children to use computers from a young age is essential. The ChargeLite™ offers a safe and user-friendly storage solution — a recommendation for any school."