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Based in Hornchurch in the county of Essex, Elm Park Primary School’s vision is ‘setting us on the right path for life’, and the school believes that learning should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both children and adults.

The school opened in September 2009 and shortly after in May 2011 moved to a brand new, highly modern building. Elm Park Primary School is well renowned for its excellent ICT facilities, using both Apple devices and Windows equipment, and has around 400 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years old.

In 2012, the school decided to purchase 60 iPads and invested in an excellent wireless system to connect the iPads to the internet anywhere in the school. As Neree Sale, Senior ICT Technician at Elm Park Primary School explains: “The school has a vision of ‘learning without limits’ and so the decision was made to move to using mainly mobile devices throughout. After purchasing the 60 iPads, we realised we would need somewhere to store and charge them.”

As Neree continued: “We saw the UnoCart™ for iPads being used at another school and after seeing it we realised it was the only iPad trolley that fitted our brief. We were impressed that the trolley is specifically designed for iPads, with the ability to store, charge and synchronise the devices.”

Elm Park Primary School purchased two UnoCart™ for iPad charging trolleys in September 2012. Neree said: “Our experience of dealing with LapSafe® Products has been very positive; the delivery of the UnoCart™ for iPads was excellent, and we had no issues. The trolleys are stored in the Heart Space of the school and then taken to whichever area or classroom they are needed in, before being locked away securely at night. The trolleys are very portable and easy to use, and this portability gives our schoolchildren the independence to take the trolley and the iPads to wherever they are needed in the school rather than the equipment being static.”

Neree concludes: “We have had a very positive response to the UnoCart™ for iPads and have already recommended it to other schools.”