Designed, Manufactured & Supported in the UK

Set in the vibrant city of Dublin, the Dublin City University (DCU) campus’s main entrance is an extraordinary and welcoming site. You are greeted by an amazing timber and concrete sculpture situated at the main entrance designed by ZAP Architecture. In fact the DCU Entrance Sculpture at Dublin City University scooped the Irish Concrete Awards for 2014.

As part of the DCU strategy towards innovation and the enhancement of the student experience, they were looking to use technology to achieve the long term goal of becoming a ‘digital campus’.

One of the initiatives towards achieving this goal was to implement a self-service system for loaning laptops to students. Having used LapSafe® Mentor™ storage and charging trolleys across the campus for their classroom laptops over the last few years, Ian Spillane ISS Desk Service Manager felt LapSafe® would probably have the solution he was looking for.

After watching a video of the Diplomat™ LMS on the website, Ian found that his problem of wanting a self service system could be solved. Ian did his homework and also looked at other manufacturers but soon found that nothing else came close to what LapSafe® could offer. Ian said, “It made a lot of sense to go the self-service route with LapSafe®, their products have always been excellent design and high quality, and it gives us everything we require and need. We can also upgrade by adding additional lockers if and when required at a later date”.

DCU were the first organisation in Ireland to introduce a self-service laptop loan unit using LapSafe® Products. The library at DCU is situated within the beautiful grounds of the campus in a new building with a spectacular glass atrium and it is here that the Diplomat LMS 24 bay unit was installed.