Case Study

DCU Transformation: LapSafe® Boosts Digital Campus

Denise Crouch

Denise Crouch

Set in the vibrant city of Dublin, the Dublin City University (DCU) campus boasts a remarkable main entrance adorned with an extraordinary timber and concrete sculpture, a creation by ZAP Architecture. This iconic entrance has earned recognition, clinching the prestigious Irish Concrete Awards in 2014.

Aligned with DCU's commitment to innovation and an enriched student experience, the institution embarked on a journey towards becoming a 'digital campus'. A pivotal step in this transformative strategy was the implementation of self-service laptop loans using smart lockers, aimed at providing students with convenient access to technology.

Ian Spillane, ISS Desk Service Manager, entrusted LapSafe® as the solution provider for this initiative. Having successfully employed LapSafe® Mentor™ storage and charging trolleys for classroom laptops, Ian explored LapSafe®'s offerings for a self-service system. Upon viewing a video showcasing the Diplomat™ Pro Smart Lockers, Ian found the perfect fit for his vision.

Despite considering alternatives from various manufacturers, Ian attested that LapSafe® stood out as the optimal choice. "It made a lot of sense to go the self-service smart locker route with LapSafe®," remarked Ian. Impressed by LapSafe®'s consistent delivery of excellent design and high-quality products, Ian expressed confidence in LapSafe® meeting all the requirements of DCU. He also highlighted the flexibility to expand by adding extra lockers in the future, ensuring scalability aligned with DCU's evolving needs.

DCU proudly made history as the first organisation in Ireland to introduce Diplomat™ Pro Smart Lockers. The campus library, housed in a new building with a striking glass atrium amidst picturesque grounds, became the home of the 24 loker bau LapSafe® Diplomat™ Pro Smart Lockers, a sign DCU's pioneering stride into technological advancement.

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