Case Study

Culford School

Denise Crouch

Denise Crouch

Culford is a boarding and day school for over 670 children aged 3 to 18, set in 480 acres of beautiful Suffolk parkland, with an 18th century mansion at its centre and three separate schools: the Pre-Prep & Nursery (ages 3 to 7); the Prep (ages 7 to 13); and the Senior School (ages 13 to 18).

Culford School believe in educating the whole person to deliver a well-rounded, fulfilled individual with excellent academic results. Everything they do is informed by their firm belief that learning should be challenging, enriching and fun. Culford is a Christian school with a Methodist tradition. They see education as a transformational process that guides pupils towards academic success, clear moral values, and the development of leadership and a readiness for the world of adulthood.

To further enhance their students’ experience, Culford decided to introduce a managed laptop scheme for their senior school students; this would involve each student purchasing a laptop and the school staff ensuring that it is charged, updated and kept safe when not in use. When this scheme was first deployed staff would secure laptops in a cupboard overnight, which meant that students could not charge their laptops and the IT staff were unable to provide software updates. To solve this problem, Culford decided to approach LapSafe® to find a secure and high quality solution that they could use to implement their scheme.

LapSafe® Products have been the market leaders in managing storage and charging solutions for devices in volume, and had recently designed and manufactured a range of self-service loan and BYOD charging lockers for laptops, netbooks, tablets and iPads.

Luke New, IT Services Manager at Culford School said, “We called the LapSafe® Sales Team and explained our situation, after deliberation we found the right product for us. The LapSafe® Diplomat™ LoXS® is the ideal solution for what we wanted to achieve within the school. The students are now easily able to access their charged and updated laptops, the lockers are a safe and secure storage space and teachers can oversee and monitor the use of the lockers hassle free. The students and teachers find that the Diplomat™ LoXS® very convenient; we have 105 lockers that are in use all of the time. We use ICT throughout the school, in administration and in all subjects.”

Luke continued, “We love that the Diplomat™ LoXS® is future proof, as our laptop scheme and boarding houses expand, we can add more lockers to suit our needs. The Diplomat™ LoXS is a well built and robust product that completely fits our purpose; the LapSafe® engineers installed the unit quickly and efficiently with no problems. I would definitely recommend LapSafe® Products as they have been great from the first sales enquiry all the way through to customer aftercare and everything in between.

The Diplomat™ Nedap LoXS® charging locker comes in bays of 15 and bays can be attached to an unlimited amount. The unit can be accessed by keys, RFID, MIFARE™, biometrics or barcode or magstripe cards.