Why Warranty Is Important For Your Smart Locker

Daisy Linihan

Daisy Linihan

What to look out for when buying products?

 Having peace of mind is an important factor when making purchasing decisions. So, what is important you look out for when considering a new purchase? 

Some businesses offer low warranty to their customers suggesting they do not have much faith in the longevity of their products. When evaluating different brands offering similar products it is important to compare warranty. If the protection is longer, it is likely that the business has faith in their goods and trust they will last. Some manufacturers, offer extended warranty at an extra cost. However, often this is still limited to a certain time period, suggesting it is unlikely their products will last.  

LapSafe® are proud of the products we produce and have faith that they are durable products, therefore we offer lifetime parts and labour warranty on our Diplomat™ and trolley ranges, a full list of what is included in our warranty can be read here:

Our main goal is to customer satisfaction, having excellent product warranty provides reassurance to customers leading to satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales support, regularly achieving a net promotor score of 100 highlights the support we provide our customers. You can read more about the net promotor score here

To raise a support ticket, you can email or log into the availability dashboard. Our support team are here to support you with any enquiries regarding products.