When is smart charging not really smart?

Daisy Linihan

Daisy Linihan

Many companies promote their Smart Charging System, but it’s probably left you thinking, what is Smart Charging... and how smart is it?

Smart Charging Myths

Smart charging should make life easier; it should simplify and streamline your device management. While a lot of companies claim to use smart charging the reality may not be as smart as they say.

Let's look at some common Smart Charging Myths...

Hidden AC adaptors are not smart charging

Many companies use the devices' AC adaptors hidden away in their units and just pull the charging cables through, mimicking built-in smart charging, and have little or no power management at all.

Charging Without Power Management is not Smart Charging

Without power management, you risk overloaded power sockets, tripping fuses or damage to your devices or even worse injury to a user.

Last In Last Out (LILO) is not smart charging

The last device put on charge is the last to be fully charged. This is a simple solution to charging but does not have the full functionality of a smart charging system by holding back devices longer than necessary.&

Round Robin charging is not smart charging

Round Robin charging uses a timer system which puts power to a small group of devices at any one time for a set length of time. Each set will get a set amount of power, for a set amount of time, one after the other, regardless of how much charge the device has or when it started charging. So devices are not charged simultaneously, and not all will be fully charged when needed.

So, what is Smart Charging?

SmartLine™ is real Smart Charging.

SmartLine™ provides a safe and reliable power managed system to simultaneously charge all devices in the fastest possible time.

In built systems such as; in-rush, surge and cross phase protection are standard to protect both users and devices.

SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ is Smart Charging

PowaSave™ is an intelligent power management strategy which detects when devices are fully charged and switches off the power supplies. When needed it will turn on the power supplies and continue charging. This reduces energy costs and minimises carbon footprints.

SmartLine™ uses unique ultra-safe low voltage built in power cables. They are specific to the make and model of the device eliminating the need for AC adaptors.

A smart charging system will make managing devices easy and user friendly.

Myth Busted!

Using real smart-charging is easy to manage, makes access to devices quick, saves time, reduces energy consumption, decreases your carbon footprint, and most importantly, your users have the best experience when they need it.