Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

2023 has seen huge growth for LapSafe® and the team, and with that, we’d like to thank our customers for their continuous support and recommendations.

Year after year we see technology evolve and the demand for accessible devices grow, bringing us to an era where we thrive with power on the go, whether that’s for business or pleasure. And with that, the term ‘Smart Locker’ has become increasingly well known. The opportunity to store, charge, and loan devices has helped many businesses evolve into our digital world. We’ve had another successful year supporting many businesses and organisations.

Business Growth

We have worked with the education sector for two decades and are proud to share that growth this year now sees us in 80% of UK universities, with colleges following closely behind.

This year we have expanded within the NHS, with many NHS Trusts and Hospitals now benefitting from our Smart Lockers solutions. We have welcomed many new customers from other large entities; Southern Housing, local councils, and a leading British broadcasting company have all chosen LapSafe® for their solutions. We have also seen our client base expand overseas, as we welcomed new customers across Europe, UAE, and Australia.

Large London-based offices, such as Santander and Hiperion Project, which have received awards for their modern interior, have chosen our solutions to assist with their workloads and complement their interiors.

Alongside this, we work closely with leading Managed Service Providers to help support users with remote IT management and have successfully integrated with leading ITSM tools.

Recently we celebrated a huge milestone, together with our customers, our solutions and management software have loaned devices over a million times this year. This achievement means we’re helping to bridge the digital divide and make technology available to everyone. You will find live statistics on our homepage.

We work with many business partners, and we thank them for their loyalty and support of our solutions.

Product News

At the start of this year, we launched our cloud-based management service, ONARKEN®. This innovative software has become the beating heart of LapSafe®. The software is specifically designed, in-house, with our Smart Lockers in mind.

ONARKEN® has transformed our Smart Lockers, enabling them to provide many more functionalities and an array of automated services; asset loaning, drop-off and collection, hot lockers, and remote device maintenance are all new features included. With this, we are proud to offer the only all-in-one Smart Locker in the country.

Alongside the user functions, ONARKEN® has been a game-changing attribute to many businesses with its admin controls offering reports, audit trails, and much more. ONARKEN®’s ability to integrate with third-party software has provided a seamless process and supported data control.

After nearly a full year in action, we are pleased to have upgraded more than half of our customers to the new software.
ONARKEN® will continue to grow as the needs of modern businesses and self-service solutions evolve.

ONARKEN® wasn’t the only launch we saw this year; we also added the Peripheral Vending to our range. Revolutionising the traditional vending machines, Peripheral Vending allows organisations to deliver business-critical items conveniently and quickly for a seamless operation.

We are currently working on new Smart Lockers behind the scenes too. Watch this space!

Successful Exhibitions

Throughout the year we have attended 24 exhibitions across the country and 7 exhibitions branching out into Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Amsterdam, and Barcelona; exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity to network with other businesses and meet new customers. During these events, we get to understand the needs of our customers, allowing us to produce the best solutions. It has been great to meet so many of you face-to-face and discuss how we can work together.

LapSafe® HQs

This year we have employed new team members, expanded departments, and seen internal promotions, enabling us to support our employees' development and wellbeing, in return we can continue producing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

What to expect from us in 2024

Next year we will continue to offer high-quality products and customer services.

We will be launching our latest Smart Locker, Envoy™, at Bett UK on the 24th-26th of January 2024. Envoy™ is designed to rapidly deploy thirty-two charged devices, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Our storage and charging range, ClassBuddy™, will receive a brand new name in 2024. Soon to be known as, ChargeLite™! The range remains the same, consisting of three trolley solutions, a desk and wall unit, and a standalone locker. However, the new name change comes after its continuous evolvement into other sectors.

2024 will also see a new look for our website and brochures. Our website will gradually be updated with fresh information and images, helping new and existing customers navigate the solutions. The brochures will follow suit with informative descriptions and images.

Christmas closure

Over the festivities, the LapSafe® HQs will be closed from Friday 22nd December 2023 to Tuesday 2nd January 2024. Emails will be responded to at the earliest opportunity upon our return.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.