How Are Offices Adapting To Hybrid Working?

Daisy Linihan

Daisy Linihan

Our offices and workplaces have changed dramatically over the last few years. Hybrid or agile working means that staff now work in multiple places and don’t necessarily own a desk or space. The Covid pandemic accelerated the need for agile working and the availability of devices, equipment and other assets, as well as providing secure storage of personal items.

Is the future of the workplace hybrid?

It was reported that fifty of the biggest UK employers said they had no plans to return all staff to the office full-time.

The shift to remote working, left employees with mixed feelings about the approach. Some employees enjoyed the flexibility of working from home whereas others couldn’t wait to get back to the office. The office of national statistics shared a report in 2021, stating that 85% employees currently working from home want a hybrid working approach in the future

While some businesses are getting back to the office full time, it appears that most are integrating a hybrid working environment. Forbes published an article in 2023, highlighting that the future of work is hybrid, “the future of work is an opportunity for all of us to innovate on behalf of all of our people and all of our spaces.”

So how are businesses adapting to new style of working?

Many organisations were forced to adapt a hybrid working style to meet social distancing rules. While some employees have found benefits within the system, employers are presented with new challenges to face such as; maintaining team collaboration, managing employee schedules, providing adequate support for remote workers, and ensuring data security.

Workspaces in the UK are changing and must be flexible to ensure they meet the needs of the modern-day agile working structures.

So how can businesses support their staff in this new way of working, efficiently and cost effectively?

The introduction of Smart Lockers support hybrid and agile working by allowing users to access devices at any time of day or night without staff interaction. LapSafe®’s Smart Lockers offer an all-in-one solution where they can support loaning, break fix, drop-off and collect, hot (personal) lockers, pre-booking and reservations. One platform, one set of lockers!

With full audit trail and asset management it could not be easier to support staff in this new way of working. Designed to save time and money in the office environment the all-in-one solution allows you to fully manage your Smart Lockers in one easy to use dashboard.

The capabilities of LapSafe® Smart Lockers, mean that overcoming hybrid and agile working challenges are simple.

By offering a drop-off and collect service, IT Departments can create an efficient, smart, and cost-saving service that allows staff to access equipment when needed, deploy technology to new starters or speed up service response times without the need for staff interaction.

LapSafe®’s drop-off and collect service, also allows for parcels to be dropped off into lockers, notifying the recipient that the item is ready for collection. With this service the workflows are endless.

Extended service desk availability. Deploy devices to new starters. Break-fix. Shift working. One of the largest issues employers are facing is providing adequate support for remote workers, this is something LapSafe® conquers. The LapSafe® Smart Lockers speed up the deployment of devices, with the ability to be preload a locker bay with everything an employee needs to start working. Laptops or similar devices can be set-up with relevant software and information in advance and placed in a locker ready to be collected without the need for staff interaction.

Providing up to date technology to hybrid and remote workers is extremely important for productivity levels, if employees do not have suitable access to technology, it is likely their workload will deteriorate.

With remote working comes concern of how IT Management will keep on top of devices, and ensure they are running as they should be. LapSafe® Smart Lockers ensure this is not an issue, allowing IT Managers to remote into devices to fix them, saves staff downtime and increases the user experience.

See LapSafe® Smart Lockers in action

The LapSafe® team will be exhibiting at various shows to display how seamlessly their lockers fit into offices, providing them with a flexible workspace overcoming hybrid working conditions. Keep an eye on our twitter page @lapsafe to see upcoming events in 2023.

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