Ease Device Management in the Classroom

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

One of the simplest solutions for managing multiple devices within the classroom is to use a charging trolley. Storage and charging trolleys can store, charge, and even update devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets in volume, whilst supporting sustainability.

In the rapidly evolving education landscape, access to technology has become synonymous with learning opportunities. Providing learning devices to students is not just beneficial but essential for fostering digital literacy and participation in modern educational activities.

One cost-effective solution facilitating education technology is the utilisation of charging trolleys. These units offer a practical means to store, charge, and even update devices in volume. By centralising device management, Charging Trolleys save valuable time, space, and financial resources, all while increasing security measures.

This approach is particularly valuable within the classroom where students need quick access a fully charged device. Rather than the teacher hand out the devices to each student or have a dedicated IT suite, students can simply head to the trolley and collect a device. When devices are ready to be returned, they can plug back into the trolley, ready for the next student.

Whilst this saves valuable teaching time, choosing the option to have the trolley networked so that IT technicians can update up to thirty-two devices remotely is a real time and cost saving.

LapSafe®’s popular storage and charging range, ChargeLite™ (formally ClassBuddy™), offers an unrivalled and cost-effective solution for device management.

Let us delve into the key benefits ChargeLite™ brings to educational institutions:

Optimal Charging: ChargeLite™ has safe power management in the form of surge protection, residual voltage protection, and soft start power management as standard to protect both the user and the device. The option to add a configurable 7-day digital timer allows you to turn off charging overnight or during school holiday periods, saving electricity.

Remote Maintenance: Keeping devices updated with the latest software and security is essential for optimal performance. ChargeLite™ has the option to add data transfer to allow all devices to be updated simultaneously. For internet access a wireless access point can be added.

Security: ChargeLite™ if fitted with a three-point locking mechanisms and is of steel construction to help keep their assets safe.

Compact Storage: ChargeLite™ has a small footprint ideal for when space is a premium. Classrooms are often limited in space, but ChargeLite™ helps eliminate this issue. By consolidating device storage and charging into a single unit, schools can free up valuable classroom space for other educational activities.

Effortless Manoeuvrability: Designed for ease of use, ChargeLite™ Trolleys feature built-in handles and 360° castors for effortless manoeuvrability. This allows easy transport of devices between classrooms, adapting to changing instructional needs.

Classroom Safety: ChargeLite™ features neat cable management and rounded edges for child-proof corners, enhancing its suitability for classroom use.

Reduced Replenishment: By ensuring devices are safely stored and maintained, schools can prolong the lifespan of their technology assets. This translates to significant cost savings by reducing the need for frequent device replacements.

The ChargeLite™ range brings a multitude of benefits to schools, by investing, educational institutions can ensure that technology remains a powerful tool for enriching the educational journey of students.

The range consists of trolleys, a desk cabinet, a wall unit, and a standalone locker; all boasting the same purpose to simultaneously store, charge, and the option to update devices in volume.

The ChargeLite™ range is available from stock.

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