CE Testing To Meet Safety Requirements

Daisy Linihan

Daisy Linihan

Compliance testing ensures a product is safe to be sold. The certification states that all products at this standard will not bring danger to anyone or anything. All products must meet safety standards and comply with directives applicable to each country where a product is sold.

What compliance testing is valid in the UK?

We are all used to seeing and recognising the CE logo printed on everyday objects. Products marked with the CE logo have been tested or self-certified as "safe to use" in the European Union by either a notified body, an independent test house or the manufacturer. Since leaving the EU, the UK is now in the process of implementing it's own mark called UKCA. The UKCA mark will be required on all goods sold in the UK on or after January 1st 2025; until then, the CE mark is still valid

Self-certified, independently tested or notified body?

Many manufacturers self-certify their own products as safe, and therefore apply the relevant mark such as CE or UKCA. This is normal and common practice, but if things go wrong the manufacturer is on their own! Some choose to use an independent test house which provides some comfort.

However, at LapSafe®, safety is out number one priority. Our products are independently tested by a notified body to ensure they are 100% safe and suitable for sale in their country. This provides peace of mind for all our customers and us.

A notified body is a body approved by the UK and EU member states (and accepted by the European Commission and other member states) that can provide UKCA and CE certification services. Notified bodies also offer to test compliance and emissions for other countries.

We want to reassure customers our products are safe for use, St Patricks Catholic Primary School said

‘My staff feel confident using the trolley because it is independently CE Certified and are reassured that it will protect our new netbooks.’

This presents the trust our schools have in LapSafe® to protect their staff and students through our audited products.

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