10 Benefits Charging Trolleys Bring to Schools

Kay Tilbury

Kay Tilbury

With the rise of digital learning, providing students with access to devices like laptops and tablets has become essential. To streamline device management and ensure seamless access, many schools are turning to Charging Trolleys to support their education technology.

ChargeLite Charging Trolleys Grouped Together

Let's delve into the ten benefits these innovative solutions bring to educational institutions:

1. Optimal Charging: Charging Trolleys feature intelligent charging systems that deliver optimal power to each device, preventing overcharging and extending battery life. This ensures that devices are always ready for use when students need them.

2. Save time by Streamlining: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually distributing devices. Charging Trolleys streamline the process by allowing multiple devices to be charged and stored simultaneously, saving valuable time for both students and staff.

3. Remote Device Updates: Keeping devices up to date with the latest software and security is essential for optimal performance. Charging Trolleys equipped with remote management capabilities allow for seamless updates, ensuring that devices are always running smoothly.

4. Increased Security: Charging Trolleys provide a secure storage environment for devices, safeguarding them against theft or damage. With robust locking mechanisms and sturdy construction, schools can rest assured that their valuable technology assets are protected.

5. Compact Storage: Classrooms are often limited in space but Charging Trolleys help eliminate this issue. By consolidating device storage and charging into a single unit, schools can free up valuable classroom space for other educational activities.

6. Enhanced Learning: Access to fully charged and up-to-date devices enhances the learning experience for students. Whether they're engaging in interactive lessons, conducting research, or collaborating on projects, technology plays a vital role in facilitating learning outcomes.

7. Manoeuvrability & Flexibility: Charging Trolleys are designed for ease of use, with built-in handles and wheels for effortless manoeuvrability. This allows schools to easily transport devices between classrooms, adapting to changing instructional needs.

8. Reduced Device Replenishment: With Charging Trolleys ensuring devices are properly stored and maintained, schools can prolong the lifespan of their technology assets. This translates to significant cost savings by reducing the need for frequent device replacements.

9. Future Proof: As technology evolves, so do the devices used in classrooms. Charging Trolleys with modular construction can be easily upgraded to accommodate new devices or changes in technology requirements, ensuring long-term viability and flexibility. Check our the Mentor™ Trolley range.

10. Eco-Friendly: In an era where sustainability is paramount, Charging Trolleys offer an eco-friendly solution to device management. By prolonging the lifespan of devices and optimising energy consumption, schools can reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Charging Trolleys brings an array of benefits to schools, ranging from increased security and efficiency to enhanced learning experiences and sustainability. By investing in these innovative solutions, educational institutions can ensure that technology remains a powerful tool for enriching the educational journey of students.

Your Ideal Solutions

LapSafe®’s best-selling storage & charging range, ChargeLite™ (previously known as ClassBuddy™), offers an unrivalled and cost-effective solution for your devices.

With its safe power management, up to 32 devices are charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time, whilst an option to add data transfer allows you to update your devices in volume, saving a significant amount of time for IT Managers.

Designed for ease of use, ChargeLite™ Trolleys feature built-in handles and 360° castors for effortless manoeuvrability. This allows easy transport of devices between classrooms, adapting to changing instructional needs. With security & protection in mind, ChargeLite™ is built with a robust locking mechanism and sturdy construction.

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