What are Self Service Laptop and Tablet Loans?

Many universities, colleges and establishments loan laptops or tablets to their students or staff. Often this is carried out manually by a member of staff or librarian. The problems with manual loans are that it is time-consuming and has time-restraints as to when a device can be borrowed. Automating this process eliminates these problems, frees up valuable staff time and allows devices such as laptops or tablets to be accessed 24 x 7 x 365.

The intelligent electronic functionality of the Diplomat™Self Service range can be fully integrated with most Library Management Systems or work standalone from a SQL database allowing devices to be loaned similar to a library book. Each locker bay can also be network ready to give quick and easy device updating, thus saving IT technicians time and money.

We are also able to support ‘Choose Your Own Device’ (CYOD) with the ability to select one of up to three types of device on the Touch Screen interface.

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