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LapSafe Education


LapSafe® created its first products to meet the needs of the education market and although we have since expanded into many other sectors, this remains our largest and most established area of expertise. Our products have been thoroughly tested by every type of education and academic institution, and have been found to deliver outstanding performance across the board.

Our range of products can securely store and safely charge any type of IT device. Storage units can be static or mobile and can incorporate self-service loan options, giving our education customers the widest possible choice. All products are constructed to the highest standards and made to withstand the wear and tear of use within the demanding education environment.


The aviation sector has very specific needs in terms of storage, transportation and charging of IT devices. In this highly secure fast-moving environment, suppliers must understand the priorities and constraints if they are to deliver solutions of value.

At LapSafe® we have worked with some of the most highly regarded names in the industry. AirBus®, Air Asia, Kenya Airport, EasyJet and Heathrow Airport are just a few companies that have approached us for unique products. In each of these instances, the LapSafe® design team worked closely with the customer to deliver against exacting specifications.

Within the aviation sector, the determining factors in winning business have often been our security and power management features. We build in extreme levels of security and will create bespoke functionality to meet the needs of our aviation customer base.

LapSafe Aviation
LapSafe Hospitality


There has been a myriad of changes within the hospitality sector over recent years, not least of which is the expectation of guests and visitors to be provided with wi-fi access. Many establishments go further and choose to loan tablet devices in order to add value to their offering.

But with this offering comes a problem; tablets are small, valuable and easily stolen. LapSafe’s® unique range of solutions provides the peace of mind that hoteliers and owners of leisure facilities seek. A choice of fixed or movable storage units will safely store, charge and, where required, remotely update each loaned tablet or device. Other, more sophisticated options are available for even greater security. For example, the Diplomat™ range can offer self-issue devices on loan, or even store and charge the guests’ own devices.

With LapSafe® your establishment can offer tablet loan or storage to its guests yet remain confident that your investment is protected and your guests’ property will be secure.


It is unthinkable to divorce healthcare provision from technology advancements. Progressively, iPads and tablets are replacing the clipboard on doctors’ rounds, while nursing staff use laptops and tablets to collate patient information.

Many welcome the replacement of the desktop computer with portable devices but IT managers recognise the problems of security, charging and updating such devices. Both NHS and private healthcare establishments have a duty to safeguard not only confidential patient information, but also their IT investment.

From LapSafe® comes some of the most secure storage units in the market. Cabinets with a fully welded steel chassis, twin lockable reinforced steel doors and shatterproof hinges give ultimate protection. Our power management systems recharge devices using ultra-safe technology that we designed originally for use in schools and colleges. Add to this data transfer options and your healthcare facility can benefit from secure yet accessible devices that are updated, fully charged and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Special paint options also mean that cabinets are suitable for clean and sterile environments.

LapSafe Healthcare
LapSafe Public Sector

Public Sector

More than any other, the public sector has to justify capital expenditure and ensure that ROI is quantifiable and appropriate.

At LapSafe® we understand this culture and assure our public sector customers of our commitment to providing value. Customers such as the RAF, Bombardier, MOD, British Transport Police, HMS Holloway Prison and County Councils have selected LapSafe® for the robust build, ultra-safe power management, extreme levels of security and wide range of functionality.

Where specific requirements need to be fulfilled, our designers work with the customer to produce bespoke units that match both specification and budget. We can accommodate the need to store laptops, tablets and mobile devices in demanding environments, as well as those that need to be used ‘on the move’. All cabinets are constructed so that devices can be readily accessed, maximising the efficiency of your team.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Self service lockers are ideal for use in manufacturing for issuing key devices to authorised users for specific jobs. Keeping track of devices and ensuring that they remain fully charged can be a nightmare but with our self service charging loan lockers it doesn’t have to be the case.

LapSafe® has provided customised solutions to charge ruggedised laptops, spare batteries and handheld devices in individual locking bays. The devices are then loaned to authorised users only. Customers such as Airbus and Rolls Royce have benefited from our secure charging solutions.

Self service loan lockers also make it easy to charge and store barcode equipment and similar handheld devices.

LapSafe Manufacturing & Distribution
LapSafe Emergency Services

Emergency Services

LapSafe® has supplied the emergency services such as Midland Fire Service, British Transport Police, and Thames Valley Police with a mix of products ranging from secure mobile storage and charging trolleys to small charging lockers that charge multiple devices.

With more and more tablets being deployed within the emergency services, LapSafe® can help to keep assets safely secured and charged ready for use.


LapSafe® has supplied storage and charging solutions to large manufacturing plants such as Rolls Royce, to motor vehicle showrooms such as Audi and Mercedes.

LapSafe® provides smart storage and charging solutions to keep devices such as laptops and tablets secure, updated, fully charged and ready for use.

LapSafe Automotive
LapSafe Retail


Retail outlets that use iPads and tablets on the sales floor find managing these devices in volume can be difficult. Keeping track of devices, offering secure storage when devices are not required or ensuring that they are fully charged and ready to use are just some of the issues that must be tackled.

Our range of self service solutions allows users to borrow devices without staff intervention, allow IT technicians to update all devices simultaneously and restrict access to only authorised users.

Customers such as KFC use the LapSafe® ClassBuddy to assist with storage and charging of their staff training devices.

Managed Services

Our newest range of intelligent charging lockers and IT helpdesk solutions help enhance response times for your IT support service, speed up service level support offerings and improve break-fix services.

For more details on this service, contact our sales team for more information.

LapSafe Automotive