The Traveller™ Universal is a portable, fully ventilated charging case for transporting up to 16 tablets, netbooks and small laptops. The internal foam lining storage area is adjustable to expand or retract to fit the size of the device, offering full protection during charging and transportation.

Two sets of foam jaws are supplied to allow different sizes of device to be accommodated safely and easily.

Stores and charges up to 16 tablets, netbooks or small laptops, using original AC adaptors to charge devices. With ultra-safe power management, the case is fully ventilated and comes with a thermostatically controlled fan. It is lockable with user’s own padlock and has effective cable management with an option available to fit a WAP (Wireless Access Point). The Traveller Universal is supplied with a two-metre main lead with a 5-amp fuse.

As with the other cases in the Traveller™ range, the case is made of highly durable Polypropylene compound plastic and finished in black. The rugged construction will survive knocks and scratches while offering the highest protection to the valuable devices inside.

  • Easy device management
  • Stores, charges and synchronises up to 16 iPads/tablets
  • Strong portable case
  • Three carry handles and one extendable handle
  • Lockable with users’ own padlocks
  • Ultra-safe power management
  • Simultaneous charging of all devices
  • Fully and independently CE certified
  • Lifetime warranty
16 Devices

16 Devices

Store & Charge up to 16 Devices

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Comes with LapSafe® lifetime warranty for peace of mind



Accommodates devices in large cases


LapSafe®’s Ultra-Safe Power Management is built-in as STANDARD. The Traveller™ Universal is fully ventilated with a fan, which allows charging to take place with the lid open or shut.

The Traveller™ Universal is designed to support each device with its own AC adaptor. An area is provided to store the AC adaptors and to help avoid messy cables, a simple yet well designed cable management system keeps it tidy and ensures plugs are easily accessible.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • Weight
  • Charging Type
  • Max Devices
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Universal 16

    Universal 16

    • 860mm x 435mm x 560mm
    • 29kg
    • ChargeLine
    • 16
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