Designed, Manufactured & Supported in the UK

What are they good for?

• Allows access to technology such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, where and when required. They enable users to borrow fully charged devices for set periods.

• An automated service that allows students or staff memebers to borrow devices using MIFARE®, Barcode, Magnetic Stripe & Biometric identification methods.

• Allow a ‘mix and match’ of devices in one location giving the opportunity to either borrow a laptop or similar device or to just borrow a charging locker space for personal devices. (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device)

Where are they used?

• Used in various locations, including libraries, learning resource centres, cafes, reception areas, offices, warehouses, shops, hospitals and classrooms.

• With multiple colour combinations available, the Diplomat™ can fit into any environment or compliment your own surrounding and branding.

• Made of steel ensures devices are kept safe wherever they are located.

Why use them?

• Feedback from universities and colleges already using the Diplomat™ revealed using this system has allowed staff and students to have access to devices outside of regular library opening hours and that providing a 24 x 7 access.

• By removing the manual operation of loaning devices, enables staff more time to interact and support students.

• With the interactive user interface, lending a laptop is quick and straightforward.

• The Diplomat™ can work alongside an existing Library Management System (LMS) or work standalone using our own SOLO™ database and application.

What problems would it solve?

• Automated and quick device loans - One of the many features of using the Diplomat™ self-service lockers is the integration of our inbuilt charging system. By loaning via ‘best charged’ device, you guarantee the maximum number of loans from you pool of devices, in the quickest possible time.

• Full inclusion for all students - When personal laptops are used in an educational environment, it can sometimes target disadvantaged students who may not be able to afford the latest technology. However, by using the self-service lockers enables inclusion for all students, allowing them to work in their own study time either alone or in study groups.

• Saves valuable time - Using lockers with data transfer saves time for your IT admin staff as they can manage their upgrades or downloads to all devices from a remote location.