Designed, Manufactured & Supported in the UK

With the manufacturing industry looking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies and output, the deployment of mobile devices is becoming increasingly more important.

However, many organisation’s fail to plan on how they will deploy the devices, charge them and most importantly secure them — often leading to the roll-out of equipment falling short of expectations; letting down shareholders, management, staff and customers.

If devices were at least secured and charged in one place, then some of these problems could be averted.

For nearly 20 years, LapSafe® has been supporting businesses to achieve their deployment objectives by offering multi-device charging stations and streamlining device deployment and securing assets.

LapSafe® provides customised solutions to charge laptops, spare batteries and handheld devices in individual locking bays ensuring items are safe and charged at the end of each shift.

Several high profile manufacturing companies have benefited from using a secure charging solution within their manufacturing plants from LapSafe®.