14th September 2016

Why are UK universities choosing to automate their self-service device loans with LapSafe Diplomat LMS?

Following the installation of Diplomat LMS, one university customer of LapSafe® has reported that they have had around 22,000 self-service loan transactions via the Diplomat product launch in October 2014. On their busiest day, they loaned around 99 Chromebooks to students.

The intelligent electronic functionality of the Diplomat LMS can be fully integrated with most library management systems (LMS) allowing devices such as laptops or tablets to be loaned to borrowers with no staff intervention. The Diplomat LMS is the first and most sophisticated intelligent smart locker system to loan devices or locker 24 x 7 x 365.

Offering SIP2 integration to LMS and loaning the most charged device every time are just two of the reasons that this product stands head and shoulders above the rest and why over 40% of UK universities have chosen to automate their self-service device loans with LapSafe Diplomat LMS. LapSafe’s service, expertise and professionalism, combined with their design and manufacturing capabilities, provides end-users with the most innovative and complete solution available within the libraries software industry.

The feedback from students who use the service is also very conclusive: they really like the self-service unit, which enables them to grab a laptop when they need it rather than having to go and queue at the library or wait for a member of staff to be available. It has also benefited students who study out of normal hours and as they can still borrow a laptop or tablet, use it, and then return it when they have finished even though the library may be closed.

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