27th July 2016

The future of storing mobile devices moves to the wall

When it comes to charging and storage solutions for mobile devices, there are a wide selection of products available that offer a range of features and functionality. One such solution is the charging “cabinet” or “wall unit”, to store and charge devices in a unit that can be affixed to a wall. If you are looking for fixed storage and charging for your laptops, Chromebooks, tablets or hybrids then take a look at these smart wall units.

Offering ‘charge’ only or ‘charge & sync’ options. The NEW ClassBuddy™ wall offers great value for money and the NEW Indigowall is one of the most space-saving effective ways to store, charge and/or sync your devices.

The ClassBuddy™ Wall unit offers an unrivalled and cost effective solution to store and charge 16 devices where space is at a premium.

Key Features

  • Store and charge up to 16 devices
  • Simultaneous charging of all devices
  • Uses devices own AC adaptors
  • Neat cable management system
  • Mix and match devices in the same wall unit
  • Suitable for most makes and model of device
  • Accommodates most ruggedised cases
  • Three point locking with anti-drill locks
  • Separate compartment for AC adaptors
  • Naturally ventilated
  • Lifetime warranty- -

The indigowall is one of the most innovative and space saving wall units available in the market today. At only 210mm slim, it offers an effective way to store, charge and/or sync your devices whilst keeping them extremely secure.

Key Features

  • Store and charge up to 16 devices
  • Simultaneous charging of all devices
  • Ultra-Slim new modular design
  • Pull out module to reveal your devices
  • USB and non USB charging options available
  • Secure Shutter doors and Dual Locking
  • Neat cable management system
  • Easy wall installation
  • Suitable for use in location such as: offices, hospitals, classrooms, corridors and receptions,
  • Lifetime warranty
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