21st June 2016

Colour your World

The impact colour has on a room and its occupants is undisputed. For decades, interior designers have leveraged colour to set a room’s purpose or mood. Furniture colour is now an important part of the design process. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to room and furniture colour selection, looking at the effects of colour on emotion and relating that to the room space and usage can help guide the colour choices – on walls, on floors, and even on furniture. With a little bit of thought and planning finding furniture that meets the colour needs of any space can be done with ease. With this in mind, LapSafe® have now launched a colour selector on our website for the extremely popular Diplomat™ range. The new colour selector enables you to see the range of colours that have already been provided to our Diplomat™ customers, and to try out some colour combinations for yourself prior to purchasing these innovative units. Below are just a few photos of Diplomat™ units already installed at many sites across the UK and the world.

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