10th February 2016

6 ways that iPads are benefiting the Healthcare industry.

The iPad is progressively replacing the clipboard in the NHS and private hospitals. Doctors on hospital rounds now use them to collect patient information, place orders and prescribe drugs, as well as being able to speak to a patient from a remote location via face time if there is an emergency. These are just 6 ways that the iPads are now being used everyday in the health care industry.

  1. Check-In We’ve all been there – “Please complete this form and return it when you are done.” It’s a hassle for the patient, and it’s an even bigger hassle for the person who has to enter all of that data into a computer. The iPad lessens the time requirement on each end and allows for an easier way to update patient information.

  2. Satisfaction Surveys On the opposite end of the visit, iPads allow care facilities to quickly collect patient feedback to improve processes and overall guest satisfaction. The good news for hospitals is that using tablets for patient satisfaction surveys also qualifies for meaningful use funding.

  3. Patient Records Similar to the check-in process, the ability to store patient information digitally on a mobile device allows a doctor to be much more efficient. iPads allow for patient information to be easily accessed without the hassle of thumbing through papers and decoding handwriting.

  4. Patient Education Rather than relying solely on verbal instructions, the iPad allows physicians the opportunity to visually communicate valuable educational information to the patient, including the course of treatment and follow up care.

  5. Patient Entertainment In extended stay situations such as hospitals, the ability to make patients feel comfortable is a key component of the treatment process. Games on the iPad, and applications such as Skype that allow patients to stay connected with friends and family help to provide a much needed distraction and produce an additional level of comfort.

  6. Edutainment The use of iPads allows physicians the ability to provide valuable medical information in a more light-hearted manner. For younger patients, the use of pictures on an iPad can help a child feel more comfortable, and will reduce many of the negative feelings (fear or pain) associated with treatment.

As the healthcare industry continues to find additional uses for iPads and other tablets, the use of these mobile devices will continue to increase but the use of tablet technology comes at a cost, and making sure they are kept secure and charged is paramount. LapSafe have just launched a brand new range of products offering GP’s surgeries, hospitals, outpatients buildings and training hospitals a smart solution to securely store, charge and sync iPads and other tablet devices.

The Indigo range has been specifically designed to provide longevity, safety and for those where space is at a premium

With nine products available in the range all have been designed with space saving ideas, innovative charging technology, tactile materials and with aesthetics’ in mind.

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