22nd April 2015

Thieves still targeting schools for expensive IT devices.

Primary and secondary schools across the UK are embracing technology as part of their school day. Whether it be, laptops, tablets or Chromebooks, investment is high and unfortunately this Investment does not go unnoticed with many thieves, resulting in many schools becoming prime targets for burglars.

Earlier this month thieves twice targeted a primary school in Bolton. The first incident involving the theft of the iPads took place on the night of Sunday, April 12, when they wrenched the security bars from a window to gain entry. Thieves took 27 iPad minis from Horwich Parish Church Primary School and a further 15 laptops just days later.

Stolen computer equipment can result in many lost hours of teaching and extra costs when schools are already under funding pressure. Children in the schools are also hugely affected and feel upset that their school has been violated and their devices that they use and learn from have been removed

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